Oily Things

I’m crazy about essential oils. Like, seriously crazy. But in an intelligent-I’ve-done-my-research sorta way. 😉 The thing about essential oils is that I am always learning! Whenever a new oil shows up at my house, I’m super excited to figure out all the many ways to use it to its highest potential. I mean, there’s not an essential oil on the planet that is limited to JUST ONE USE. Which is amazing, don’t you agree?

I support my family’s wellness with essential oils. I support my household’s cleanliness with essential oils. I support my ability to put up with my kids with essential oils. And I support my family’s income with essential oils. So I sure hope that if you want to know more about essential oils, you’ll hit me up on my contact page or find me on FB and ask allll the questions. I love helping other people get started with essential oils and make positive changes towards utilizing what is available to us in nature for all the many, many issues that face us each and every day. Whether you are local to me or across the globe, I’m here to teach you what I already know, and learn alongside you on your crunchy mama journey.

Want to learn more about essential oils? This is a great place to start: www.distillery9.com

Want to check out our product catalog? Come sit at my kitchen table and I’ll show you mine. Or, click here.

Already know that you want to get started with your oils and want to skip the whole talking to me part? Well, okay then! Yeesh. Just go here: I want all the oils, dang it!

Oil on, mama!

~Aly D