A New Gig

A couple of weeks ago, Portland Moms Blog posted an open call for new contributors on their Facebook page. My immediate thought was, "Fun! I could totally do that!" However in the busyness of getting ready for our trip to Texas I had to stick the idea on the back burner. I remembered it again when … Continue reading A New Gig


It occurred to me yesterday that the intermittent laziness I've been experiencing indulging in since the girls started school this fall can be attributed to one thing and one thing only: this is the first time in over seven years that I've had the opportunity to be lazy.  My to-do list is probably as long if not … Continue reading Laziness

Killer Monkeys

This is my Wednesday to do list:- mail out mini-catalogs for Cecilia's show- mail out mini-catalogs for Jenna's show- host coaching (Jennifer, Jackie, and Laura)- 10:30 KW office with Jody- Killer monkeysI'm sure you'd just love to hear all about my mini-catalogs and how sending them out for my hosts is going to help them get … Continue reading Killer Monkeys