When the husbands are away….

Back in June (which seems soooo long ago now!), my BFF’s hubby went on an epic two-week trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and support a Tanzanian orphanage. At the same time, my husband was slated to go on a trip to Florida for a few days. So what did we do? We offloaded one teenager, and took one tween, one preschooler, two threenagers, and a toddler to… Waco!!

Besties for the resties. Goobers, every one.

Our squad of awesome descended on Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo right after it opened. Gotta beat the heat, y’all!


The toddler loved the animals. He just happened to be occupied in things other than observing the Greater Kudu at this particular moment. 😉

On this random summer day, apparently many of the animal enclosures were getting cleaned. I don’t know if there’s a way to check ahead for the cleaning schedule, but we might inquire next time we’re planning a trip. Some of the animals were sequestered where we couldn’t see them. But the nice thing about this age is that they’re just excited to see ANY animals, and we happened to get to see the giraffes getting fed (and neck-fighting!) so that was a major score. Oh and the tiger was grumpy and we heard him roaring after we had ogled him and moved on. And we saw the male orangutan up pretty close as well! I think our meerkat sighting was our first ever, as they always seem to be hiding when we visit. So overall, the cleaning didn’t mess with us too very much. {Maybe I shouldn’t complain.}


These two requested a photo opp with the giraffe statue. Adorbs.


Every statue was a huge hit, actually. Have you ridden a gila monster lately? You should try it. Threenager and toddler approved!

After the zoo, we went to Cameron Park and had a nice picnic and some playtime. Then we headed to our hotel for NAPS. Naps didn’t go well in our room. So finally we gave up and just hit the indoor pool.



We took our properly tired posse to Fazoli’s for dinner where we managed to mostly hold it together until it was time to go back to the hotel and put the toddler to bed and let the rest watch a movie while the mommies shared a bottle of wine and chatted, mostly without interruption thanks to the amazing tween.


We found PBS! SCORE!

Our hotel had an awesome spread for breakfast (the sausages were a huge hit with my crew) and the old ladies who were sitting by the t.v. happily gave up their area so we could turn the channel to Curious George and let the toddler, threenagers, preschooler, and tween eat in such a way that we would minimize the mess. Kinda.


Little dude likes to sweep!

Turns out that little people are super messy even when given preferred seating at a coffee table, but the toddler was happy to help with the clean-up. Be still my heart.


How to make a babysitting tween super happy? Take her to the Silos.

Since the Mayborn Museum doesn’t open until 10 a.m. (seriously, who comes up with the opening times for children’s museums?? that’s just stupid), we hit Magnolia and did some swinging and running around with all the tourists!


The boys found the footballs!

Then we headed to the Mayborn Museum! They had totally revamped their under 5 area and WOW the kids loved it! There was so much to see and do, I think the toddler could have spent alllll day in there.


Toddler Fireman!


A certain threenager wants a fishing pole…


You can never go wrong with the water and bubbles room.

Once it was clear that we had properly worn everyone out and sustenance was the next order of business, we headed to Chick-fil-a. A certain toddler was completely asleep and was only roused with nuggets and fries. Belly’s full, we headed home while the besties headed north to visit cousins.



All told, it was exhausting, but in a fun, we’ll-totally-do-this-again-if-given-the-choice way. Here’s to the besties. They make our world go ’round.

~ Aly D.

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