Be IN the Pictures

{This original blog post was first published on the QuickFlics blog, which is now defunct, in 2015.}

I have always known that I am the picture-taker in our family. And yet, I was a bit taken aback when I was asked to locate a SINGLE PICTURE of myself and my kids so that we’d have a profile type picture for this blog. I mean, that shouldn’t be a tall order, right? We spend all day every day together, surely there is photographic evidence??

I had to go back 4 months to find a single photo that included me and all three kids.  FOUR MONTHS. And then, much to my chagrin, the photo I found wasn’t even a good photo because we took it at the beach and the sun was setting and there was ALL the wind and it was chilly and… you get my drift. Not the most awesome picture, especially since it is apparently the ONLY one. I won’t keep you in suspense. Check out the single photo I have of me and my children:


The ocean looks good, though, I gotta say.

I was also vaguely aware of this potential “there are not pictures of me and the kids” issue because it came up with my daughters the other day. Both girls are really into writing stories lately and wanted to know how they could write a story on the computer and insert pictures into it from our digital family photo albums. I showed them how they could do it, and my nine-year-old set to work writing a story while I went about my day. Not too long after she had set herself to the task, I heard her say with a note of consternation in her voice “Mommy, there are no pictures of YOU!” to which I replied, “Well, honey, I’m the one who TAKES all the pictures!”

She was not amused. Evidently that is not a good excuse, and actually, I agree with her.

I mean, isn’t it true that I am not the only one with a digital camera in my back pocket at all times? Pretty much everybody has the same technology readily available to them as we go about our everyday lives and partake in our special events. (I’ll even go so far as to call out my dearly beloved husband here. Honey? You have TWO PHONES.) I am not the only one who could be photographically chronicling our lives! And yet, more often than not, I am the only one who takes the time to take out the camera and tap the button to save the memories.

So raise your hand if you are a momma who only gets in the picture if it’s a selfie with the baby!


It’s an empty coffee cup, people. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

Ah, I see I am not alone. Let us unite, mommas! Hand off that phone or, better yet, holler at someone else in the room to snap a few and text them to you! Get yourself IN the pictures! We don’t want the kids looking back and going “Where was mom?” We don’t always need to be solely behind the camera, even if our photographic abilities exceed those of all others present. Significant others, I urge you to be proactive! Offer to take a few pictures! Grandma and Grandpa, you aren’t just here to play with the grandkids! Friends, help a girl out! And please, don’t listen to the mom who says she doesn’t want her picture taken. The truth is, she does. Even if her hair isn’t perfect or she has applesauce smeared on her cheek, or she feigns covering her face. (If she really truly is unhappy with the results, there’s always editing. Right? Right.)

This is life, man. Take a stand. Be IN the pictures.

~Aly D.

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