Mexican Lasagna

Who here remembers Rachael Ray? Anyone?  Would you like a little EVOO or “yum-o” to go with that memory? (Admit it, I’m funny.) Well, whether that jogged a memory or not, back in 2004 she was BIG and I saw her make this dish on her show and thought “Yum-o! I should make that!” And so I did.

Rachael’s recipe goes like this, but I sometimes like to use pepper jack cheese in lieu of cheddar, I don’t identify with taco “sauce” so I use salsa, I use ground turkey rather than ground chicken, I use Southwestern Seasoning from The Pampered Chef rather than chili powder, my black beans are homemade and my corn is frozen, and if I can find them, I like to get the tortillas that are basically pepper jack tortillas. But you just do what you do, you.

First things first, get yourself a big pan and throw some oil in there. I use grapeseed. While it’s getting hot, chop up a red onion. Then toss the red onion, two pounds of ground turkey, a couple teaspoons of cumin and a couple tablespoons of southwestern seasoning into the pan. Now use your amazing mix ‘n chop to break up all the meat while it works. You don’t have a mix ‘n chop? That’s a travesty. Call my friend Wendy and get one. You’ll be glad you did!

I love red onion. Hubby doesn’t agree, but he eats this and loves it so WHATEVER.

Mix ‘n Chop in action!

Once your meat is browned, it’s time to add in your
beans, corn, stewed tomatoes, and salsa.

Colorful, right??

Oh, hold the phone. Something else happening in my kitchen is distracting me…

Why, hello! And who are YOU??

Oh, we are Chocolava Cookies, baked by the resident sous chefs. You know, for dessert.

Sorry. Lost my focus for a minute! Now that your filling is ready to go, time to make some layers with tortillas. I followed the recipe and got the spinach ones this time.

I cut them in quarters so they are easier to work with.

Ignore this beggar. She is the worst.

First layer is your meat mixture. Use a third of your total amount!

Then cover with tortillas ….

….. and add one third of your cheese.

Then repeat this process twice until you are out of stuff to layer with!

Last but not least, bake that sucker. 425 for 12-15 minutes will get it done.

I consider this a one dish meal (it’s got veggies in it!) but if you want to dress it up for company, feel free to toss together a salad to go with it. Oh and you would probably appreciate knowing that this lasagna is Mexican-approved.My super adorable, kind, amazing, incredible friend María del Carmen gave it two thumbs up!

Go. Cook tasty food, mis amigos.

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