Party ’til the cows come home 

If you’re here, you know me and this is not going to shock you: I am not a night owl. I love me some sleep. Staying up late is not my idea of fun. Being woken throughout the night is also not awesome. Side note: I should probably stop having babies so I can get more sleep. Hmmmm.

Anyway, back in the spring of 2013 my friend RachelTheTripletMom got back into the wedding planner business after a hiatus to birth and begin the raising of three babies. And I thought HOW FUN! I signed on to be one of her assistants. Then I got pregnant with Joey and was so exhausted by 8 pm each night that I realized I would be no assistance whatever. And I made the sad decision to back out.

Fast forward to this spring when we got the news that we were moving back to Texas and – I’m not kidding – one of my first thoughts after “holy crap” and “my house!” and “yay friends!” was “I can work with Rachel!!” There’s just something about weddings. I love them. And since I’m not exactly in the phase of life where I have friends getting married, working at weddings is seriously the best way for me to get to go to weddings. And they pay me!

Last night I assisted at my fourth wedding with The Fairytale Effect and it was my first time to be there alllllll the way through clean up. Not only that, this one was at Mercury Hall. In north San Antonio. I mean, south Austin. Whichever. It’s FAR. And it was at the end of a long week of notsomuchsleep because apparently the baby is going through a growth spurt or something. So leaving my house at 2:15 pm to pick up all the desserts at La Madeleine, I was really wishing I was taking a nice Sunday afternoon nap instead! I picked up a Coke at Whataburger on the way. In retrospect, I am absolutely certain that is how I managed to remain conscious through the entire event. Good call, Aly. Good call.

This venue was so picturesque, tucked into the trees just off South 1st. The ceremony was under the trees, the dinner was under a huge tent bedecked with lights (and equipped with fans!) and the dancing was inside the venue. The bride and groom and entire wedding party were incredibly nice and easygoing…. a complete joy to work with. I managed to pin boutonnières on many groomsmen without stabbing anyone (score!) and I built some arm muscles setting up chairs at the ceremony site.

The place cards for dinner were picture frames for the photo strips guests got when they visited the photo booth inside the venue. Even better, they got a duplicate photo strip to paste into a scrapbook and write their well wishes to the happy couple… Such a fun take on a guest book!

Fun fact: if you set up picture frames like this, and then accidentally knock one over, they behave like dominos. A groomsman discovered this the hard way. Poor guy.

I loved the vintage furniture pieces inside and outside the venue. A very nice touch.

I’ll take one of each for my living room. In a fun color like blue or yellow though, because ivory and children do not go together…

Isn’t this lovely?

In lieu of wedding cake, the bride ordered a variety of sumptuous desserts from La Madeleine.

I’m certain they are all delicious, but I can personnaly attest to those chocolate cups of yumminess. Divine.

And for the send-off? Sparklers!

No inebriated groomsmen were harmed in the execution of this pyrotechnic departure.

As soon as the bride and groom departed in their vintage Buick convertible, clean up began! It went faster than I expected and the venue looked like nothing had even happened after about 30 minutes. Nuts! When all was said and done, I was home by 1:10 am and showered and in my cozy bed by 1:30 am. Very very tired (and waaaaaay past my bedtime!) but I had such a wonderful time! And now that I’ve done clean up once, I know I could handle it again. As long as I have a large Coke by my side.

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