Let’s make calzones!

Several years ago, I retired my old pizza crust recipe that originated from my mother and started making something better. Much much better. The pizza dough recipe that I use for my calzones is from Annie’s Eats and you can find it here. There’s a LOT of good stuff on the Annie’s Eats blog. You should check it out sometime. But for now, let’s focus on making something with the delicious dough recipe that Annie was so kind as to share with us.

Now that’s some nicely risen dough, don’tcha think?

At our house, this is how we calzone. Except I forgot to picture the mozzarella. Oops.

If you’ve got your dough all squared away, what you need is some calzone filling. We like ours with marinara, black olives, basil, Italian sausage (cook it first, people, don’t make me state the obvious!), mushrooms, and a heck of a lot of mozzarella. 

Once upon a time, there were four blobs of delicious dough…

Now, I split my dough recipe. This is just HALF the recipe, which I use to make 4 very large calzones. The other half of the recipe will be a pizza. I just freeze it, and then let it rise another day for making pizza. You could actually make more calzones out of this half recipe, just smaller. Which I would recommend if you are also making a salad or something to go with it. But if you need to feed a larger family than mine, just use the whole dough recipe and go nuts.

It’s like painting. Only with egg.

My pastry mat (and my tiny oven) only has room for two calzones at a time. So I roll out my dough, beat an egg, and brush the edges with egg before adding my filling.
Other potential fillings? Pepperoni! Beef! Eggplant! Onions! Bell peppers! Canadian Bacon! Cheddar! Kalamata olives! Do whatever you want!

We like marinara IN our calzones, and we also serve it on the side. Put all your fillings on the dough, making sure you leave room for folding the calzone over.

Like I said, we make ’em huge. (This is a 15″ pizza stone, people.)

After folding, use a fork to crimp the edges. You don’t want your meat juices or cheese seeping out. Then brush the top with egg and fork a few holes in it and throw them in your oven at 500 degrees until they are nice and brown on top (ten minutes, give or take). While your first two are baking, you can prep the next two!

So lovely!

Um, yum?? Now I’m seriously hungry and wishing I had bought stuff to make these for dinner tonight. Instead, we are having baked potatoes and broccoli. That’s just bad planning. Try this at home and tell me what you think!

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