Summer reading!

The big girls “graduated” from 5th and 3rd grade last month and I was practically giddy about giving them their graduation gift. Mickey and I had gone on a mommy/daughter date a few days before and I discovered that our local bookstore not only stocks new books, they also stock used! Yippee! I quickly consulted a list that I had compiled on my phone of books I considered “must reads” for them in the next couple of years. Books I remembered being read to me by my elementary teachers, books I read on my own, books that impacted me at their age. I started scouring the shelves and finding the lowest prices on all kinds of great books. PLUS I stumbled up on a few that weren’t on my list but I thought “That’s a fun read!” and grabbed those too. I stopped myself around 15 books, but thankfully since they were all used my tab was just shy of $60. Winning!

Here are the books we presented them with:

Um, yeah. This picture is upside down and I can’t fix it. Have fun with that.

Our plan was to read most of them together, but since we transitioned the toddler to one nap a day and all the neighborhood kids are finally out of school want to play all day, we have been hard-pressed to find time to just sit down and read together without interruption. We did manage to read “The Whipping Boy” together on a particularly quiet day before school let out and finished it during nap time. The only book in this collection that I hadn’t read previously was “Holes” but I had heard good things about it so I decided to pick it up anyway since it was right next to a couple other Louis Sachar books that I thought were important. I really enjoyed reading it, and Michaela read it next and then Caroline and then we borrowed the movie from the library and really enjoyed that as well! If I had my act together, we could have made it a theme movie night and had spiced peaches, sweet onions, and dinner from cans, a la Camp Green Lake. 😉 Unfortunately I don’t always think ahead so that didn’t happen. Next time!

What are some books you think are “must read” for the 4th-6th grade age group?

2 thoughts on “Summer reading!

  1. Julie says:

    If you want another one that you could both read and enjoy, I recommend ND Wilson's books. I love Leepike Ridge and the 100 Cupboards trilogy and the hubs has also read his others and loved them. Kind of like the Harry Potter series, they are written for kids, but so well that they appeal to “grown ups”.


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