Best tomato soup EVER

The Pioneer Woman and I go way back. We’re so tight, I call her P-dub. I think I started reading her blog and making her recipes back in 2008 or 2009, but whenever it was, I’ve never looked back. I love her so much, I own all three of her cookbooks. That’s commitment, baby.

I discovered this recipe about 5 years ago as the result of being on a hunt for recipes that would use up a bottle of sherry I had hanging around my kitchen. Josh had given me the most amazing anniversary present ever and cooked me a delicious dinner all by himself, and his pork chop recipe called for sherry. He bought a big bottle of it and used maybe 1/4 of a cup. So I was on a mission to find recipes that called for sherry. However, I kept running into the same problem: most of the recipes I found were only going to use a few tablespoons at a time! No bueno. But then I found this recipe: The Pioneer Woman’s Sherried Tomato Soup. It uses a whole cup (score!) and it is LIFE CHANGING.

Now, there is an unfortunate circumstance in my household that I just can’t explain. Two of my family members just do not like tomato soup. They don’t like it from a can, a la Campbell’s. They don’t like it from a restaurant, made as a bisque, or with San Marzano (read: tres fancy) tomatoes. I know this because I made it my mission for a couple of years to find a tomato soup they would like. No dice. I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that they will never share my love of tomato soup. It makes me sad but I am one to always look at the bright side: more soup for meeeeeee! 😉

At any rate, it was brought to my attention that grilled cheese day was on Sunday. I really need a calendar of all these weird food celebration days. So, we celebrated in a belated fashion with ham and Swiss grilled cheese sandwiches and P-dub’s amazing soup.

I will not attempt to do this recipe justice on my blog. To get the full effect, go here and be entertained by The Pioneer Woman herself. You can thank me later. I did, however, snap a few photos as proof of my fabulous soup and grilled cheese making skills. Observe: 

See? This recipe is sooooo good that I wrote it in my cookbook!

Sizzling butter. Mmmmmm.

Sizzling onions in butter. More mmmmm.

Creamy goodness! (Confession: I usually do two full cups of heavy whipping cream. I mean, it comes in one cup increments. Using only 1 1/2 cups is silly. Sorry P-dub.)

My sous chef chopping the parsley!

It’s done! 

Grilled cheese and tomato soup. They go together like burgers and fries.

I always like a nice crunchy pickle on the side. 🙂

I’ve got to say I’m extremely grateful that the latest addition to our family adores tomato soup. She kept asking for more and made quite the lovely mess as she shoveled it down. She was enjoying it so much, that I got up for a moment to grab a rag for her tomato-y face, and in the five seconds I was gone, she threw her entire plate against the wall. Yep. Beautiful tomato soup art, all over the wall. We released the hounds to assist us, Daddy got a rag to start cleaning the wall while I got the floor splatters, and Joey was so appreciative she gave him a pat on the back. With her tomato-y hand. On his work shirt. 

“Thanks for the yummy soup, Mommy!”

“You’re such a good cleaner, Daddy!”

“I shouldn’t pat you on the back?? WHY NOT?!?!”

Then she demanded a cupcake.

“Cupcake! Cupcake! Cupcake!”

She’s adorable, but I said no. When one throws one’s food all over the wall, dinner is over and dessert is no longer an option. Instead, she got a bath. Which is her favorite anyway, next to cupcakes.

So, go get yourself a bottle of sherry and get to work making this soup! It’s simple and delicious and if nobody else in your house likes tomato soup you can eat it ALL. WEEK. LONG. Enjoy!

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