Ode to the Food Processor

My BFFs in the kitchen are my knives and my appliances. Today, some appliance love for you. It needs to be said: Food. Processors. Are. AWESOME.

What else can take whole carrots to grated carrots with the push of a button?

The food processor can!

And chunks of pineapple to pineapple purée with only a finger?

The food processor can!

And then a whole mess of other ingredients into…. carrot cake cupcakes?

The food processor can!

The food processor. Oh how I love mine. This one has been going strong since it was a wedding present in 2001. It recently suffered a small setback when a piece of it broke, but I found out that it didn’t really matter and I could still use it.

Cuisie has a boo boo. 😦

Ain’t nothing going to come between me and my food processor biscuits. And food processor tortillas. And food processor pie dough. And food processor grated cheese. And and and. So many yums.

For today, this puppy is responsible for carrot cake. Before mixing the batter, I grated my carrots, puréed my pineapple, and chopped my pecans. Setting those aside, I then made the batter in the food processor as well! 

Mickey is awed by the awesomeness, can’t you tell?

Carebear should be more impressed by the feats of amazing happening in front of her very eyes.

We’re going the cupcake route today. Some to eat now, some to freeze for a rainy day. No family of five needs in excess of two dozen cupcakes covered in cream cheese frosting sitting around. Unless there are teenage boys involved. That might be an exception. 

Mmmmmm… cream cheese frosting. How can something so fantastic come from only butter, cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar?

Aren’t they lovely? And I’m homemaker of the year because I didn’t buy canned pineapple. I bought the real deal, cored it, chunked it, and puréed what I needed for the recipe. All thanks to my Cuisinart. Love you, Cuisie. You rock. 

Click here for the cake recipe (Southern Living, of course!) and try not to get all confused when you see it ask for a “can of coconut”. I mean, seriously? I buy my coconut in a bag. I’ve never even seen a can of coconut! I use Alton Brown’s cream cheese frosting recipe which can be found here.

What’s your favorite kitchen toy?

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