Birthday boots!

It’s my birthday, y’all! And look what I got!!!

Wearing a scarf in April. Because it’s not Texas, y’all.

No, not the swing set or the grass or the tennis courts. RAIN BOOTS! (Ignore the scarf. April here is not springlike. Yet.)

As a Texan, I never had a need for rain boots. Wellies. Galoshes. Whatever you want to call them. They would just be a silly purchase for a Texan, living in Texas. During a drought. But rain boots just scream Pacific Northwest, don’t you think? In fact, rain boots were our gift of choice to announce to our children (and subsequently to all our friends) that we were moving. 

Mickey boots, Carebear boots, and Joey boots. Everybody gets boots!
(Except mommy and daddy)

Aren’t we clever?

At any rate, we’ve been in our new, wetter climate for several months and I’ve experienced more rain than I’ve seen in Texas in the past 16 years. (I don’t have any scientific data to back up that supposition, but I’m just guessing.) My children have been well-outfitted with rain boots and even raincoats, and I’ve continued to wear my non-rain resistant shoes and outer wear. There have been some damp feet and body parts, let me tell you. I reckon it’s just an occupational hazard. But my research into adult rain boots told me something I wasn’t ready to hear: good rain boots are pricey. And of course I put off making the purchase because spending over $100 on boots just seemed excessive. You know, because my ideal pair of shoes costs less than $30, comes from Target, and can be worn for years and years.  

So I was thrilled when I found these on sale at Zulily ($36.94 including shipping! If you don’t know Zulily, be a dear and use this handy link to discover it because then maybe I can buy more stuff!) and they arrived just in time for my birthday. These boots, combined with Josh bringing home take-out for dinner so I don’t have to cook or wrangle kids in a restaurant, make for the perfect grown-up mom birthday. I also heard a rumor that the kids are making me breakfast and bought me presents with their own money. I am very blessed indeed.

So happy birthday to me! I hope it rains so I can go jump in the puddles. 🙂

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