Chocolate from across the pond

It’s possible that I have a Cadbury Creme Egg problem. 

They’re here!!!!

Is it a sign of addiction to look forward to something all year, and then hardly be able to control one’s consumption of a particular substance when it becomes available?

Come to mama

I haven’t even kept track of how many I’ve eaten since I first found them on the grocery store shelves earlier this month. I buy them by the 4-pack. I know I’ve eaten at least five 4-packs. Maybe more? I don’t recall. I do remember that each time I bought them I said “Two of these are for the girls’ Easter baskets!” and then I would always end up eating the last two. *sigh* They are just too good. I have no self-control.

This is how it goes down. 

Observe. The perfect egg.

First, I bite the top bit of chocolate off and suck the fondant out of the egg. 

Oh, this just got real y’all.

Next, I nibble down the edges and lick more fondant out. It is OH. SO. GOOD. 

Can’t chat. Busy nomming.

Lastly, I finish it off, savoring every last bit of chocolate as it melts in my mouth. 

Then, I lick my fingers and go get another one. 

Only three more? Sad panda.

You know, if you think about it, while I may have eaten, say, 20-30, Cadbury Creme Eggs in the span of, say, a month, they will disappear from the shelves, nary to be seen again until next Easter, very soon. The window is SHORT, people. If you take those thirty eggs and average it out over the entire year it’s not really all that bad. It’s less than one a week! It’s nothing.

Oh, and I have another confession to make: I do not share. Josh loves sweets, but he’s not exactly a Cadbury Creme Egg aficionado. He doesn’t appreciate them the way I do, therefore I do not share. (He also doesn’t appreciate dark chocolate the way I do, so I don’t share dark chocolate with him either. Don’t worry, we’ve been together half my life. He gets me.) I try to soften the blow by sneaking them when he’s not around. He’s upstairs reading The Chronicles of Narnia to the girls and Joey is already in bed? I’m eating a Cadbury Creme Egg downstairs, watching HGTV.

Ah, my yummy chocolate, fondant-filled eggs. I will miss you when you are gone. Until then, eggs up!

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