Throwing down the gauntlet

Dinner conversation at our house is always an interesting proposition. Sometimes I feel like we are just listening to each other chew, other times everyone has a lot to say, and sometimes I’m forced to wonder if my girls are really girls or just gross boys in girl disguises. The other night we were enjoying dinner and the subject of typing speed came about.  Both the girls are using a new typing program and were excitedly telling their daddy how well they had done in their drills that day. (They are both around 20 wpm with almost 100% accuracy. So proud!) At any rate, the girls asked us how fast we type and Josh estimated he was around 80 wpm and I, of course, asserted that I was faster. I’m not competitive. (I’m probably the least competitive person you know. Really.)
Then I got this text message from the hubster as I was going about my business at home the next morning: 

So what did I do? I basically kicked my middle child off the laptop (where she was diligently practicing her typing) so I could go to the same website and demonstrate my mad skills. And BAM. Wouldn’t you know, I rocked it on the first try.

I mean, look at that. Off the charts fast. Which is hilarious considering I’m writing this blog post ON MY PHONE, which is pretty much where I do all my typing these days. Because BABIES. 
How fast do you type? See if you can beat my stats!

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