Because my brother said I’ve stopped blogging

My little brother called me today and basically accused me of denying him the joy of reading my blog posts. Ha!  Thankfully his nieces said some funny stuff that bears repeating. 😉

(Scene: Outside in the driveway)

Carebear: Mommy, come ride up the hill with us!

Mommy: No, I’m going to sit in my chair and watch you.

Carebear: Watching isn’t fun!

Mommy: It is when you’re a mommy.

Carebear: Well, when I’m a mommy, I’m going to be active.

Mommy: Oh, really?

Carebear: Yeah, like “you are.”  (I am not kidding, my 7 year old made air quotes around the words “you are.”)

So, I can’t hold back and I start to crack up and grab my phone to tell Josh what she said and wouldn’t you know it?  My darling child experienced instant karma: she snapped her chin in her helmet strap. Poor baby. 😉

(Scene: In the bathroom. I am running water in the tub, while Mickey sits on the pot)

(Background: Every day, I send Mickey a snack which she is supposed to eat at snack time in the afternoon.  I recently found out that she’s been eating her snack at lunch, and then partaking in whatever snack the teacher gives out. We had a discussion about how she needs to save her snack and eat it at snack time, because when she eats it at lunch she often doesn’t finish her lunchbox food. Also the pop tart in question in this post is a made-from-scratch delicious treat with homemade jam in the middle. Just saying.)

Mickey: Mommy, I’m sorry but I ate my pop tart at lunch today.  They are just sooooooo good and I couldn’t bear it!

Mommy: Mickey, you’re supposed to eat it for snack!

Mickey: But Mommy, I just couldn’t bear it!  I saw it and I just had to eat it! I really couldn’t bear it.

You have to admit, there’s something funny about a six-year-old going on and on about how she just couldn’t bear something. Ha! My goofy girls. 🙂

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