Toby Keith is Awesome

Yesterday while I was on the treadmill my iPod Shuffle went kaput (read: I had not charged it in forever and therefore it shut off mid-workout), and so instead of listening to Taylor Swift while exercising today I plugged into the machine and had my choice of channels.  The screen right in front of me was playing CNN (bo-ring) but the one to the right was playing GAC.  So I of course chose GAC, and only switched to CNN during the GAC commercials.  At any rate, I saw a new video!  And it was AWESOME.  I knew it would be because it was Toby Keith, but I am telling you I was cracking up the whole time this video was going and I couldn’t stop smiling even after it transitioned to that cutie Hunter Hayes playing “Storm Warning.”  So, here it is, people: Red Solo Cup. 🙂

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