You know how sometimes you go through these periods in your life where you would give an appendage just to have some really good food that somebody else made for you?  Or, when all you really want is a candy bar or some chocolate cake?  That is me, pretty much on a regular basis.  But then there are times like the last several days where I have been so completely inundated with food that I’m not even hungry.   I know, this is so unlike me.  

I think it all started on Sunday.  Usually on Sunday, we will go to church then go to my in-laws for lunch and to give the girls some Gigi and Papa play time.  We’ll eat a nice big lunch, and then for dinner the girls will have a sandwich or some leftovers and Josh and I may eat a bowl of cereal after the girls go to bed because we are still full from lunch.  This Sunday was different because my brother’s family was coming over!  So, of course I had to cook.  I made these delicious baked cheesy chicken taquitos, black beans, a Mexican salad with avocado dressing, queso (of course!), and to top it all off, a big chocolate cake decorated like a spider.  (It was the day before Halloween, I was trying to be festive.)  As a result, we ate two big meals in one day. I didn’t even have room to eat cake, but as I looooove chocolate cake with buttercream icing, I ate it anyway.  I think I also ate it because I was going out of town on Tuesday morning and was worried it would all disappear while I was gone, but I digress.  Long story short, my brother made me eat too much on Sunday.  See, when you have a little brother, everything is his fault, even if he’s 26 and you’re almost 30 and he’s approximately one foot taller than you.  It’s all his fault.

On Monday, it was CRAZY.  And crazy is not even adequate enough to explain it, but I brought the craziness on myself, so I won’t be blaming my brother for this.  Between Thursday and Saturday I did five (yes, five) Pampered Chef parties.  Since Monday was the last day of the month and I was leaving for the airport at 5:45 a.m. on the 1st, I told all my hosts we would be turning in their shows on Monday.  So that was one thing on my list.  Also on my list: walking girls to school, watching their costume parade, making cream cheese icing and icing 48 pumpkin bread muffins to take to their classes, taking the muffins to their classes, taking Michaela to ballet, fall festival at church, and trick-or-treating.  Oh, yeah, I also needed to pack for my trip.  All I ate on Monday was coffee, chocolate cake (remember how I said I was going out of town and thought it might not be there when I returned? yeah…), a pumpkin bread muffin with to-die-for cream cheese icing, a hotdog and sour cream and onion chips.  Ugh.  I don’t even want to think about that right now.  By 9:45 p.m. I was packed and in bed.

The next morning we got up at 5:15 and by 5:45 we were headed to the aiport because …. ta-da! …. I worked so hard July through September that I earned a Top 100 Challenge and was rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Chicago for three days!  One of my favorite things about the Austin airport (well, my only favorite thing about the airport) is that I usually can score a Schlotzsky’s Original sandwich while I am there.  But it turns out that even though they were open and perfectly willing to make me a delicious sandwich on freshly baked sourdough bread at 7 a.m., I just didn’t feel like eating one.  Which made me sad.

I survived the flight with minimal nausea, considering the turbulence.  I got chauffeured in a fancy towncar, and upon arrival at the hotel I was presented with a box of… wait for it… local caramel and chocolate.  It looked so good, but I had no stomach for it.  In an effort to stave off any possible hunger until the hors d’oeuvres at 4 p.m., I ate the warm cookie the nice Hilton dude gave me.  It was only okay but I was highly anticipating the food at the welcome reception.

The food. Was. Awesome.  And I felt absolutely no need afterward to go for dinner (which was on our own, but we’d each been given $50 to spend), so fully satiated was I.  

Have I told you that I don’t typically eat breakfast?  Well, there was a full spread for breakfast, so rather than just have my coffee and move on, I had all kinds of good foodstuffs.  I didn’t want to seem unappreciative!  What I didn’t realize was that we were going to be treated to snacks, a catered lunch, more snacks (which I couldn’t even eat, and I felt horribly guilty because they needed to be refrigerated if I didn’t eat them and there was no refrigerator in our room!), and even better hors d’oeuvres that evening.

I have been home for 24 hours, and I still have no appetite.  Which is a real bummer because I have all kinds of yummy stuff lying around the house… chocolate cake (they didn’t eat it all?!?!), Halloween candy, pumpkin bread…  I want to eat all these things and I’m just still so FULL.  Ugh.  There must be something wrong with me!

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