The thing about blogging attempting to blog is that I find myself struck with, shall we say, inspiration at inopportune times.  For example, I was walking through the Minneapolis airport this weekend and thought of something wildly awesome to blog about.  Unfortunately, since I was lugging bags and looking for my gate and now I can’t remember what it was!  If it ever comes back to me, I’ll be sure to share. 😉

So, it all comes back to the ever-present list. Obviously, if I want to a.) remember to blog and b.) blog something good, I’m going to have to add it to my list.  Speaking of lists….

I was chatting with my friend Erin on Thursday (because I ran into her after buying my 2012 planner at Office Depot) and I told her that I had just decided to start using my planner as “list central.”  I have the coolest planner, y’all.  Not only does it have the whole month at a glance feature (with little tabs!) but there are also daily planning pages!  And, on top of that awesomeness, it has red poppies. Those who live in good ole Georgetown will appreciate that. 😉  It occurred to me that since I keep my planners from past years (for tax purposes), what if I made my lists there?  What if I was able to pull out a planner and see my lists?  It would be like a wonderful window into my life at that moment in that year.  How cool is that?

When we moved, I went through all my tax files and found that back in 2006, for some unexplained reason, I had kept ALL my receipts.  Not just for business expenses but all of them… HEB, Walgreens, etc., etc.  And as I sat there and looked through those receipts I was able to see things about our family.  How many diapers we went through, what we were eating for dinner… just random things that seem mundane.  But there was something comforting to be reminded of what our life was like back when we had two little babies.

So I thought, hey, keeping all my fabulous lists in my planner would be even better!  My husband will tell you that I am notorious for not remembering past events.  It’s terrible, I know. (Luckily he remembers everything.)  And we all know that I’m not going to be starting up a scrapbooking or baby book making obsession anytime soon, so keeping my lists is something that I can get on board with.  Plus, I sure do like having all my lists right there in my calendar.

And I promise to stop talking about lists.  Really.  

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