You know what I love about lists?  Just about everything. 🙂  I have found out in these last almost two months of the girls both being in elementary school for eight hours a day that a list is all that stands between me having a productive day or a day where I watch television, play on Facebook, and basically get nothing done.  Lists!  They are the key!

I make lists for everything.  For my job working for a real estate agent, I have checklists that I created to make sure everything that she wants me to do gets done. For my Pampered Chef shows, I have a host coaching checklist to make sure that I communicate with my hosts and get things done so we can have a successful show.  When I leave the house, I make a list of where I am going and in what order.  And of course that order has to be the most efficient order. 😉  I even have a list of what chores I want to do each day.  To exemplify how powerful that list is, let me tell you that since we moved here and my big ugly dry erase calendar has not been mounted in my kitchen, I have not managed to complete those tasks when I want to.  Now I have a new list printed all pretty, but I want it to be laminated before I hang it up. (So that’s my excuse for not cleaning the toilets on Monday, honey.) Once it’s laminated and pretty, it is ON.

The best lists, though, are the daily lists.  With so much to do, and such total flexibility in when to do it now that the house is empty all day, I love having a list.  And I love checking things off as I complete them!  There is nothing quite as satisfying as looking at my list and knowing I accomplished what I needed to accomplish and now I can go play. Or watch t.v. Or Facebook.  Ooh, or get on Pinterest and re-pin things!  Which is like a virtual list of great ideas and such, but that is neither here nor there.  Well, it’s there, and since we are working here (which is lists) I will leave the discussion of virtual bulletin boards to another time.

Not everything makes the daily list.  For example, though I do it every day, making the bed is not on the list.  Nor is making breakfast, lunches, snacks, helping with homework, chauffeuring children to activities or making dinner.  But that’s just because those are things that I do every. Single. Day.  It’s not like I’m going to forget!

Sometimes I find myself starting a task that is necessary but was not on the list.  Know what I do?  I add it to my list.  That’s right. So I can check it off.  Duh. Having a list gives me that sought-after sense of control that I relish.  I know what I am supposed to be doing and I get ‘er done.

At any rate, I finished my list for today and that is why I’m telling you about it.  Ta-da!  List is done!  Yay, me!

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