50 Things about Mickey

1. Mickey was born on March 12, 2006.

2. She was born on her due date!
3. She graced us with her presence at 1:09 p.m.
4. My doctor said “That’s a big baby!”

5. The NICU nurses were taking bets on how big she was as they cleaned her up and got her ready to be weighed.
6. Mickey shocked everyone by weighing in at 10 lbs 3 oz.
7. I thought it was hysterical how my chunky baby dwarfed all the other babies in the nursery!

8. Mickeys’s hair was styled in a mohawk pretty much immediately.  She has Dr. Wilson to thank for that.
9. Her hair was darker than her sister’s at the outset, but then turned VERY blonde as she got older.

10. Now that she is 5, her hair color is only slightly lighter than mine.
11.  Mickey has a particular stance she takes when she is unsure about something.  It looks like this:

12. I love how she can sing along with pretty much any song she hears on KLOVE.
13. She also knows all her Taylor Swift songs.
14. She has always loved shoes!

15. She told me that she wants to be a mommy when she grows up.  Just like me.
16. Recently she was pretty put-out when she found out that she’d need to get married if she wanted to be a mommy.
17. I assured her that she will probably feel differently about it when she gets older. 
18. That girl gets wedgies ALL the time!
19. I just love her little booty.
20. It’s particularly cute in blue jeans.

21. She thinks poop and toots and burps and boogers are funny.
22. She listens to classical music to go to sleep.
23. Sometimes she puts it on repeat and it stays on all night long.
24. She doesn’t seem to like anything that I make from scratch unless it’s breakfast, snack, lunch, or dessert.
25. Her dinner often consists of a “No, thank you” bite and a glass of milk.
26. When Mickey first started talking, she called her big sister “Carnie.”
27. She continued to do this even after she was perfectly capable of saying her sister’s actual name.
28. Then one day she just stopped.  I miss hearing her say it.
29. One of her nicknames is “Mickey”.
30. She also answers to “Mickey-doodle”, “Mickey-monkey”, “Mickey-doo”, and “Doodle”.
31. She likes taking pictures.

32. Lately, she also enjoys climbing the peach tree in our backyard.

33.  On Monday morning, she finally fell out of the tree.
34.  She has a MONSTER bruise on her thigh, her chest is all scraped up and she bruised her ear.  
35. But she still wants to climb that tree!
36. Mickey was really good buddies with our Momo.

37. She still brings him up sometimes even though he’s been gone for over three years.
38. Mickey would love to share a room with her sister again, but Caroline won’t hear of it.
39. Mickey has perfected many of my “looks”. 
40. But the best looks she does is her very own.  I can’t find the picture of it, but that girl can raise her eyebrow like a pro!
41. Mickey loves babies.
42. She would really like to have a baby brother or sister.
43. When Mickey was 4, she knocked out one of her front teeth.

44.  It happened when she went out to catch a pass from her sister while playing indoor football.
45. The door frame got in her way.
46. The tooth didn’t actually knock all the way out, so we had to have it extracted.

47.  After that, the tooth fairy came and brought her $2 and a prize for being such a good patient!
48. Over a year has gone by and she is still waiting for her permanent tooth to come in.
49.  She is getting a little frustrated.
50. But she learned that football is an outdoor activity.

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