50 Things about Carebear

I decided to do 50 instead of 100 because, let’s face it, I’ve only know the kid for 7 years 4 months and two days. 

1. Carebear was born on June 1, 2004.

2. Her due date was June 24, 2004.
3. She weighed 6 lbs 7 oz when she was born.
4. I was in labor for 22 hours.

5. 4 hours of that was pushing.
6. She is lucky she got a sibling after that experience!
7. I thought I would have a blonde baby (or perhaps get a redhead), but Carebear was born with almost black hair.

8. She had so much hair it was crazy!
9. When she was 5 months old, all her hair started to fall out.

10. She went from being a beautiful baby to resembling an elderly man.
11. I cried!
12. It all grew back! Whew!
13. It was lighter, but not blonde.
14. Carebear bit me while nursing when she was 7 months old.
15. I immediately started weaning her.
16. One week after she was weaned, her first tooth came in.
17. That was close!
18. Carebear was talking in sentences by the time she was 18 months old.

19. She has never run out of things to say.
20. Her first word was Daddy.
21. Carebear has always loved school.
22. She started preschool when she was 27 months old.
23. One of the most exciting experiences she had in preschool was learning how to write her name.
24. Carebear’s boyfriend all through preschool was Will.

25. They got married multiple times, but I remember the first time she told me after school “Mommy, Will and I got married at recess today!  There was flowers and leaves and dancing!”

26. When we were pregnant with Mickey, Carebear accidentally spilled the beans to her Gigi and Papa about her baby sister’s name by asking “Baby Sister Kayla?” at the dinner table.
27. Carebear became a big sister when she was 21 months old.

28. She helped mommy by bringing diapers and patting her sister’s bottom when she cried.
29. Carebear always calls Mickey “Mickey” unless she’s upset with her.
30. Then she full names her.
31. I’m afraid Carebear has a lot of perfectionist tendencies. I don’t know WHERE she gets that from.
32. She also has a large dose of laziness when it comes to things she doesn’t want to do. Like math.
33. Carebear wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
34. This might mean she’ll be a partial Aggie if she can get into TAMU’s Veterinary school.
35. Josh might have to disown her, but at least she’ll be a good vet!
36. One of Carebear’s great loves is horseback riding at Kelly’s Kids.
37. Her first horseback riding experience was at an English riding stable in Georgetown.
38. But then I found out that she wants to be a cowgirl, so we switched to western riding at Kelly’s Kids.
39. The first time she loped, I rewarded her with ice cream from Shakes.
40. That kid is scared of hamsters.
41. I don’t know if she’s be scared of a real life hamster, but she sure is scared of the dramatic ones on YouTube.
42. This is entirely Paul Lee’s fault, because one time when she was maybe three years old we sat on the front row at church and Paul used the dramatic hamster in his lesson. I have no idea why.
43. We can’t even do the music (dum dum dummmmm!) without her flipping out.
44.  The fact that you are now privy to this information does NOT mean that you can use it against her.  Momma bear will take you out if you try.
45. Most of the time, Carebear is a very good big sister.

46. Other times, she just doesn’t feel like putting the effort in.
47. Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?
48. One of the things I want most is to always have a close relationship with Carebear.

49. My dearest hope is that she will always come to me and talk to me, and tell me everything.
50. My daughter is wonderful and a blessing to our family in every way.

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