The Unfriending

Before I left for Minnesota last Friday, I announced to the world of Facebook that I was going to be paring down my "friend" list.  I had been contemplating who are my real friends, and who are just people that I read all about my life on a daily basis.I've always been picky about who I … Continue reading The Unfriending


The thing about blogging attempting to blog is that I find myself struck with, shall we say, inspiration at inopportune times.  For example, I was walking through the Minneapolis airport this weekend and thought of something wildly awesome to blog about.  Unfortunately, since I was lugging bags and looking for my gate and now I can't remember … Continue reading Keeping


You know what I love about lists?  Just about everything. 🙂  I have found out in these last almost two months of the girls both being in elementary school for eight hours a day that a list is all that stands between me having a productive day or a day where I watch television, play on Facebook, … Continue reading Lists