100 Things about Josh

1. Josh is my husband.

2. We met when I was 16.
3. I began actively pursuing him when I was 17.
4. When I first truly set my sights on him, I told my mother “I’m going to marry that boy.”
5. Josh was resistant to dating me.
6. It took a lot of convincing from my sister and her boyfriend.
7. My sister’s boyfriend was Josh’s best friend, Michael.
8. Prior to dating Michael, my sister dated Josh.
9. He took her on this really cool date to the San Antonio Zoo and she didn’t enjoy it.
10. I wished he had asked me.
11. Josh never asked me out.
12. I had to ask HIM out.
13. Before we started dating, he would help me study for my history tests.
14. We also liked to play Scrabble at my house.
15. One time we went out to a movie with a bunch of people and I got to sit next to him.
16. I was nervous the whole time because he was right next to me!
17. We saw “For the Love of the Game.”  
18. That is all that I can recall about that movie.  Except that I think it may have been about baseball?  Josh probably remembers it better than I do.
19. Another time, we hung out with my sister and Michael at Michael’s house and watched “Shakespeare in Love”.  He sat right next to me! Slightly mortifying with the nudity and all, but it was so romantic.
20. Since Josh wouldn’t ask me out, I finally asked him out.
21. I called him up on September 28th, 1999 and said “Would you like to go see a movie tonight?”
22.  He said “I can’t, it’s my brother’s birthday”  (darn you, Jesse Desha!)
23. I was crushed but THEN he said “How about Thursday?”
24. Our first date was to see “The Sixth Sense” at Tinseltown.
25. I had already seen it, but Josh hadn’t.
26. Scary movies are perfect first date movies, don’t you think?
27. After the movie, we came back to my house and watched the news on t.v.
28. And he kissed me while Roger Wallace (who we went to church with at the time) did the sports segment.
29. We have been together ever since that night, September 30th, 1999.
30. Josh has these amazing eyes.  
31. They are very blue, and he has very dark, long eyelashes that frame them perfectly.
32.  When he complains about his eyelashes getting in his eyes, I silently curse him because I would love to have such beautiful eyelashes!
33. Thankfully our progeny got his eyes. 🙂
34. When we first started dating, Josh drove a black, two-door Honda Civic.
35. He also had a cell phone.
36. I thought he was sooooo cool.
37. Josh was 23 when we started dating.
38. On October 25th, 1999, he told me that he loved me for the first time.
39. We were at the end of my parents’ front walk and he had kissed me goodnight and was heading to his car.
40. All of a sudden he turned around and came back and proclaimed his love for me.
41. I returned the favor.
42. It was a fantastic feeling.
43.  I started a job at a gastroenterologists’ office that fall and Josh won the hearts of EVERY woman in the office when he brought me flowers and chocolate on my first day on the job.  
44. He does that to older women. They just LOOOVE him.
45. He also does that to gay men.  They just LOOOOVE him.
46. I think we can blame it on the eyes.
47. He also has very nice lips.
48. And, let’s face it, he’s good looking all the way around.
49. Josh grew up all over Austin.
50. When he wants to annoy me, he’ll say things like “I remember when this was nothing but fields!” when we are driving somewhere.
51. He says it ALL the time!
52. Josh is a good brother to his two younger brothers.
53. He may get mad at the stupid stuff they sometimes do, but he loves them very much.
54. He also loves his parents no matter what.
55. Recently, Josh was at the DPS to get a new license and he got hit on by a high school girl.
56. He never forgets to tell me when he gets hit on.
57. It’s a regular occurence.
58. Maybe I need to buy him a bigger wedding band?
59. Or invest in a flashing sign for him to wear that says “back off, Alyson owns me!”
60. I always knew that Josh would be a fantastic father, even though I’d never really seen him with children.
61. We had a fabulous 5 year plan for having children.
62. We got married when Josh was 25 and I was 19.
63. Our five year plan was to start having kids when he was 30 so he wouldn’t be an old geezer who couldn’t get down on the floor to play with them.
64. We threw the five year plan out the window and decided to go ahead and have babies in 2003.
65. On June 1st, 2004, our first amazing daughter arrived and the man who had never held a newborn before took to it like it was the easiest thing on earth.
66. By the time Mickey arrived on March 12, 2006, he was an old pro.
67. Before we had babies, we had Momo.
68. Josh got us Momo for our first anniversary, and it was fantastic surprise and we loved him so much.
69. We lost Momo on June 1, 2008 and it still makes me sad when his name comes up in conversation. Josh loved that dog.
70. Before we met, Josh went to Tennessee to pursue a singing career.
71. He would have been so awesome.
72. Once he met me, he didn’t even consider going back to Tennessee.
73. Sometimes I can get him to sing to me.
74. Sometimes he writes me songs.
75. He’s passing his love of the guitar onto Carebear, helping her practice for her guitar lessons.
76. Josh is not a handy guy.
77. I figure, as long as he makes enough money so that I can pay someone to do what he can’t do, then that’s a-okay with me.
78. Lately, some of my favorite times spent with Josh are walking home from taking the girls to school, holding hands.
79. When I used to work at an office, Josh would come leave me love notes on my car.
80. I have two boxes full of the love notes he used to bring me.
81. I have never been good at writing love notes or giving cards, but Josh has always been very forgiving of that flaw.
82. Josh has a very bad habit of balling up his dirty socks and leaving them all over the house.
83. He is very good at washing dishes and putting away laundry when I need him to.
84. He wishes I was more emotionally accessible like he is.
85. The very best present I ever got for Josh was a motorcycle.
86. If he kills himself riding it, I’m going to be very upset.
87. But I will comfort myself with the $1million I’ll get from his life insurance policy.
88. But seriously, he’s not allowed to kill himself riding that bike because it would be the worst thing that ever happened to me.
89. I like that riding the bike is cost-effective and that he enjoys it.
90. Josh doesn’t like it when I come home from a Cooking Show smelling like onions.
91. He has a serious aversion to cheddar Goldfish crackers.
92. He always tries whatever I cook for dinner, and nine times out of ten it’s a hit. 
93. I am glad that he chose me, even if it was after I chose him. 
94. All the struggles we have been through have brought us closer together.
95. Every day I learn to trust him a little bit more.
96. We will always be together, and we want our girls to know that they never have to worry about us not being a family.
97. The best thing Josh ever did for me was give me our children.
98. The next best thing he ever did for me was allow me to stay at home with them.
99. I wouldn’t object if he decided to quit being obsessed with football.
100. But until that day comes, I’ll root for the Longhorns and the Cowboys just like he does.

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