I’m Always Right

Mondays have become VERY busy at our house. What was once a lazy day where all I had to do was grocery shop and take a nap with my preschooler is now a day full of getting kids off to school, grocery shopping, ballet lessons, horseback riding lessons, and meetings.

Yesterday, we got home from ballet around 5:20 and (thankfully) Josh was already home and had ladled the Green Chile Soup out of the crockpot and set the table for us. Thanks, honey! So, we sat down and ate. As soon as we were done, Carebear needed to get ready for her horseback riding lessons. All she needed to do was go to her closet, get on her jeans, then get her boots and helmet. Mere seconds after being sent to her closet for her jeans, she is back.
Carebear: “Mommy, I don’t have any jeans!”
Mommy: “Yes you do, they’re in your closet.”
Carebear: “No, they aren’t!”
Mommy: “Did you look?”
Carebear: “Yes!”(insert exasperated eye roll here)
Mommy: “Caroline, I know you have jeans in there. You know how I know? Because it’s been two weeks since you had your last lesson. And you ONLY wear jeans for your lessons. And do you know how many times I’ve done laundry since your last lesson?” (hold up TWO fingers)
Carebear: “They aren’t in there!”
Mommy: “Okay, what will you give me if I find them?”
Then she starts to pitch a fit.
Mommy: “I know! If I find your jeans in your closet, then you have to make up my bed EVERY MORNING this week! Yay! Let’s go get them!”
So, we march off to the closet, and I’ll admit, I had some momentary discomfiture and doubt as I went hanger by hanger through her closet looking for those jeans. BUT I FOUND THEM! Man, that kid was upset. Funny how not too long ago she used to beg me to get to make up my big bed and stack all the pillows.
Thirty minutes later, Josh calls me after dropping Carebear off at her lesson to tell me that on the drive there she said very matter-of-factly “Well, I guess I learned that I need to look harder.”
That’s right, sweetheart. Mommy is always right. 🙂

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