I’m a bad blogger

With the last post that I made, it was crunch time right before the 2008 Women’s Retreat. While that didn’t keep my friend Sarah from continuing to blog, I allowed it to distract me. And then I never got back on track! So, I’m a bad blogger. PLEASE forgive me!
So, rather than try to tell you everything all at one time, I will start with the first day of school and gradually fill you in with the help of… PICTURES! 🙂
Here are some pictures of Carebear and Mickey’s first day of school this year.
This would be the sweet pose.

Then Mickey wanted to make a silly face, but Carebear didn’t get the memo.

Carebear, age 4

Mickey, age 2

Carebear in Ms. Micki’s 4-year-old class. Doesn’t she look so mature???
Mickey doing laundry in Ms. Stephanie’s 2-year-old class. Cutie!

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