"Kids Suck"

I had to type this up before I forgot, because it made me laugh out loud.

On the way home from my friend Elizabeth’s house, Carebear was getting all upset because her thumb hurt. I promised her a bandaid to get her quiet.

When we got home, she finally let me look at it and it would appear that she sucked on her thumb so much that part of her nail came off at the top, down to the quick. Either that or she bit it off, and she says that isn’t what happened.

I had her wash it with soap and water, dry it, then I clipped the rest of the nail short and applied the bandaid. Then it was time to get ready for a nap.

Carebear: “Mommy, can I suck my thumb for nap?”

Mommy: “Not the one with the bandaid on it.”

Carebear: (in her whiniest voice possible) “WHY NOT?!?!?”

Mommy: “Because it has a bandaid on it and it will taste yucky. Besides, you’re four years old. I don’t think four year olds are supposed to suck their thumbs anymore.”

Carebear: (Talking to me like I’M the kid) “But, Mommy, 4-year-olds are KIDS and kids suck.”


3 thoughts on “"Kids Suck"

  1. Amy says:

    Too funny. I thought you were just being harsh in your title. But it turns out that you were schooled by a four year old. Kids DO suck. This is definitely blog worthy. Good call.


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