Crazy Daisy

Sorry, but there has seriously not been much of interest going on around our house! I’ll share a Daisy shenanigan just for kicks, though. Yesterday, I had a Cooking Show in Round Rock and I took a new consultant with me. She lives in the neighborhood next to mine, so I left my house just before 6 p.m. with both girls to go pick up my consultant and then drop the girls off at the in-laws and get to my show. Knowing that Josh would not be home until at least 8:30, I fed Daisy and let her out to go potty. Since going potty in the pen wasn’t working out very well, and it’s too hot to play out in the yard anyway, I’ve been letting her go potty wherever out there. When I went to let her in, I discovered she had eaten through the bag of charcoal Josh left on the porch. Lovely. I called Josh and told him he would need to bag that up when he got home.

Fast forward to after the show: somehow or other, I managed to beat my husband and children home. I walk in, and thankfully, there is no smell or evidence to indicate the animal has urinated or defecated indoors whilst we were gone. Hooray! So I run her outside and come back in and turn on the lights. Yikes. THIS DOG HAS TAKEN EVERYTHING SHE COULD OFF OF THE KITCHEN TABLE AND THE BAR AND EATEN IT!!! We’re talking a brand-new bag of raisins… gone. Two lollipops from the bag I carried that day… gone. Two fortune cookies from our dinner on Sunday… gone. One full sleeve of Ritz crackers… gone. (But the twix-it clip was still intact.) She even dug through my supply boxes that arrived last week (that Josh was asked to carry up to my office, but he hasn’t yet) and pulled out a container of BBQ Rub and attempted to destroy it as well. Luckily she was unable to get into it, because if she had, that would have been a difficult stain to remove from my carpet.

What is with this dog? She acts like she’s starving or something. I swear, I feed her and water her every day!!! When we came down this morning, everything from the tote bag I carry to shows was strewn across the floor… I’m just glad she didn’t get it in her head to eat my host packets.

By the way, Josh earned the Pacesetters Award at Liberty Mutual recently, and he’s going to be getting a digital camera as part of his award! Woohoo! Then I can show you a picture of my crazy dog. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Crazy Daisy

  1. Alyson says:

    Tell Josh. He keeps saying he hates the dog! The raisin eating came back to bite us last night… I had to go take her out twice during the night, plus she pooped in our bathroom and our bedroom during the night. Lovely. Hopefully it’s all working its way out of her system!


  2. Whitney says:

    I was going to say that the raisin were probably a bad thing, but I see from your comment above that you figured that out! You might want to call the vet just to make sure- I’ve heard raisins and grapes can be like poison to an animal…


  3. Alyson says:

    Yikes. I didn’t think of that. But it’s worked it’s way out of her system. Today we got home and she had attempted to eat a flour/sugar shaker (full of cinnamon and sugar) that my in-laws had left on my dining room table, plus she ate the lid to my rectangular baker that I had left on the bar, plus she munched on some crayons that I’m not sure where she found them. So now there’s cinnamon in my carpet, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming up anytime soon. I told Josh that as soon as Daisy goes a whole month accident-free, we are getting the carpets cleaned again.


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