"Kids Suck"

I had to type this up before I forgot, because it made me laugh out loud.On the way home from my friend Elizabeth's house, Carebear was getting all upset because her thumb hurt. I promised her a bandaid to get her quiet.When we got home, she finally let me look at it and it would … Continue reading "Kids Suck"

This is the infamous Daisy

So, this is her. The mutt that enjoys eating Pampered Chef products, raisins, lollipops, fortune cookies, wooden blocks, toys... and also gets a kick out of attempting to escape from her crate and peeing on the floor right in front of me. It's a good thing she's cute.

Crazy Daisy

Sorry, but there has seriously not been much of interest going on around our house! I'll share a Daisy shenanigan just for kicks, though. Yesterday, I had a Cooking Show in Round Rock and I took a new consultant with me. She lives in the neighborhood next to mine, so I left my house just … Continue reading Crazy Daisy