I finally darkened the door of…

IKEA!!! I know, I know, it’s been there for over a year or something and it is literally right down the road from me. And my fears were confirmed… it’s a place where I would be VERY tempted to spend mucho moola. Uh-oh.

Josh and I made a quick run-through of the joint on Saturday after seeing “Get Smart” (funny movie with Steve Carell, you should check it out!). I was amazed at how it SEEMED like an normal sized store on the inside, except that you had to walk for half and hour without stopping to find your way back out. I expected it to be this huge, cavernous hole full of furniture and stuff but it really wasn’t.

I saw kitchen stuff like I liked (cabinets).

I saw bedroom stuff that I liked.

I saw furniture that I liked.

I saw kids stuff that I liked.

I saw curtains that I liked.

I saw a LOT of stuff that had me thinking, “Hm, that would look nice in my house!”

Good thing I went my will-power intact and also a husband who doesn’t like to browse. He would get on to me whenever I ventured off the well-marked arrow path. 🙂 I felt like singing the song about the yellow brick road. Oh! And when we passed through the cafe area (which is stinkin’ huge and located halfway through the journey… very smart, IKEA people!) there were a couple of IKEA employees doing karaoke to “Mamma Mia”. If there had been an exit door right there, Josh would have thrown me out of his way to make it through before me. Ha!

At any rate, I think I will go again sometime. But not for a loooooooong time. I have credit cards to pay off first.

2 thoughts on “I finally darkened the door of…

  1. CamMelBrown says:

    Get Smart was awesome. Cameron and I saw it Friday. I can’t tell you how many times we laughed out loud. I love IKEA. Next time I come to RR I want to go back there.


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