Undeniable Proof that I’m not a Smart Cookie

Remember that rebate check I was anxiously awaiting last week? Well, I received correspondence from the IRS yesterday that let me know why my check hadn’t come. I FORGOT TO SIGN OUR TAX RETURN. Josh didn’t sign it either, but of course that’s because I didn’t ask him to. Can you believe it???? They cashed my check on April 15th and then took their sweet time telling me I had forgotten to do something that would prevent me from getting my rebate! Argh!!!!

I should point out that every other year that I’ve done our taxes we have filed electronically. They wouldn’t let me file that way this year because I had too many schedule Cs. So I guess I overlooked the whole “sign the return” thing.

I have to have our signatures witnessed and dated by two people, send it back in, and in 6-8 weeks, I should get my (excuse me, OUR) check. Big bummer. Sad day for me, as I realize that I don’t really have it altogether. Good day for Josh, as he points out that “we all make mistakes”. Way to rub it in, buddy.

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