Where the HECK is my Rebate Check?!?!

Am I the only person in the whole good ole U.S. of A that has NOT gotten their rebate check? I determined that ours was to be mailed because we weren’t able to file electronically this year, so according to the IRS website, it was mailed on June 20th.

Today is June 25th.

Generally speaking, it takes 2 days for things to go snail mail pretty much anywhere in the contiguous states. So where’s my check??? It’s not like I have any grand plans for it (it’s going toward this year’s property taxes) but I sure would like to have it sitting in my savings account rather than floating around out there… somewhere. Anybody else who should have gotten theirs by now but it hasn’t arrived? What do you do?

3 thoughts on “Where the HECK is my Rebate Check?!?!

  1. ktlonghorn says:

    Alyson,I’m not sure if you will receive this or not. I’m the mom of the 9 year old that Josh came and sang for this past weekend June 21st, 2008.I’ve been bugging Amy to get your mailing address so I can send a thank you note to you and Josh.Thank you,Kristy Trosperktlonghorn@gmail.com


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