Poop In the Pen!

Okay, y’all, thanks for the TONS of advice on how to house-train Daisy. I was OVERWHELMED by all your great ideas! Ha, ha, ha. 😉

Yesterday, by some miracle, Daisy pooped in her pen outside! I didn’t see it when it happened, but it was after she got in big trouble for peeing in my room and I ran her out there and locked her in. Later, after the pee was soaked up and treated, I went out to get her and found that she had pooped in the pen. Hurray! That poop is staying there until it decomposes. I want her to remember that she pooped in there once, in the hopes that she will do it again. She only had the one pee accident yesterday, plus she threw up on the rug once. Not bad, I would say.

However, this morning, she really irked me. Josh let her out when he got up and then put her back in the crate because the girls and I were still sleeping. We came down and let her out around 7:30 and she showed absolutely no interest in going potty. Just kept running back up to the door. So I let her in, and sent Carebear up the stairs to close all the bedrooms doors (we started doing this because Daisy has shown a penchant for pooping in Carebear’s room). Daisy raced after Carebear, and I, fearing the worst, ran to grab the big squeaky ball she loves to chase down the hall and yelled for her while squeaking the ball to signal fun and games downstairs. She came running down the stairs and at the same time Carebear yells “Mommy, Daisy peed in your room!!!” Yep, that’s right. The dog that I had just let outside to pee in the PROPER area, had held it in order to re-christen my room. Ugh.

Oh, one more Daisy-related story: night before last, she took it to her head that barking would get her let out of her crate at night. Josh had to transfer her crate from the kitchen to the laundry room so that we could close the door to muffle the noise. Yikes. She’s done that two nights in a row, so tonight we are going to start taking her on a nightly walk to get her more worn out before bed. Evidently running amok in the backyard chasing birds and tennis balls is NOT doing the trick. Luckily for us, we’ve managed to keep the barking under wraps and it hasn’t woken the girls. Thank goodness for doors and laundry rooms!!!

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