Potty Training My THIRD Child

First, let me say this: I love love love Daisy! She’s awesome, so friendly, loves to play with me and the girls and it a true sweetheart. 🙂

On another note, I don’t think whoever gave her up to the animal shelter did anything in the way of potty training her. 😦

I think we have had 6 accidents in the house since she came here on Tuesday. Which isn’t bad, obviously that means she has also gone potty outside. But still. It’s been a LOOOONG time since I potty trained a dog. I’m taking her out ALL the time. I want her to potty in the pen, so I go in the pen with her and encourage encourage encourage and then freak out with excitement and hugs and “what a good girl!!!” when she actually goes potty IN the pen.

But she seems to like to go anywhere BUT the pen. How do I make her go in the pen? Here’s an example of what I’m dealing with: when Josh got up this morning, he took her out to the pen and then he put her back in her crate, came upstairs and announced that she would not go and he needed to take a shower. So I went down and took her out to the pen where all she seemed to be interested in was eating grass. While nibbling grass, face to me, I saw her do her signature “squat” for potty, and I thought she had gone even though I didn’t get a clear look. We’d been out there over 5 minutes, so I was ready to come back in and she ran straight to the door after I thought she had gone. We came back in, she came upstairs with me, and within 5 minutes had peed on the floor in my bedroom (and not a little, a LOT). ARGH! So I took her back out to the pen and locked her in so I could clean that up.

She has NOT ONCE pooped IN the pen. She’s gone in various places around the yard, but NOT the pen. She has peed in and out of the pen, and I wonder if she’s still marking her territory (i.e. this yard is mine) and she will soon get over it, calm down and go where I want her to go.

Thoughts? Ideas? What can I do?!?!

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