Crazy Day!!! (And it’s only lunchtime!)

Wow. This day has been INSANE. Let me tell you alllllll about it.

Alright, 9 a.m., drop Carebear off at VBS. Proceed to AutoZone to have the nice man (who didn’t bother to throw out his cigarette even though I was holding a two-year-old) test my car battery because the battery light and emergency brake light have been coming on intermittently and Josh thought I should have it checked out. Diagnosis: it would be a good idea to spent $70 and get a new battery, but it will probably take 20 minutes. 20 minutes that I did not have because I need to pick up something Pampered Chef related in Teravista and then get Mickey to the ENT near Round Rock Hospital for a follow-up appointment by 10:15 a.m. So I promise to come back the next day and I head out.

The emergency brake light and battery light stay on.

Somewhere in Teravista, the seatbelt light starts flashing for no apparent reason. Odd.

As I pull up to the house where I am stopping real quick, ALL the display lights on my dash start to flash off and on for no apparent reason. Uh-oh.

I leave the car running, run up to the front door, get what I’m there for and jump back in. When I put the car back in “drive” the car does a lovely jolted start, and I’m not a happy camper. As I get back up to the main road in Teravista, it becomes apparent to me that something is DEFINITELY wrong, so I call my father-in-law who lives right down the road to request a “rescue”. Then I find out that while he is home, he does not have a vehicle to drive. Perfect. He suggests getting the car over to a repair place on the corner of 3406 and I-35, so I head in that general direction.

As I turn onto 3406, I’m on the phone asking Josh to meet me at the place I’m headed to. And then it happens. My car DIES. Stinkin’ dies, right there in the road. And the jerk behind me decides to honk at me because I’m not moving fast enough. Uh, sorry, DUDE, but my car is dead. Hold your horses while I mosey over to the curb with the last bit of momentum I have going for me. I sidle up to the curb, right smack dab in front of the newer Wag-a-Bag (because this is the intersection where there are TWO Wag-a-Bags and turn on the hazards while telling Josh to PLEASE come and get me.

After getting out of the car and getting Mickey and myself into the shade, I call the doctor and cancel her appointment, call my preferred auto repair place in Gtown (Craig Auto) and get a tow truck recommendation, call the tow truck company, tell a nice policeman that I’m a-okay and a tow truck is coming to get me, give Mickey a snack and a cup of water, wave to Josh as he pulls up, and holler to two nice men in a big truck that my husband just pulled up and this ma’am is doing okay. I think I’ve handled the sitch admirably, and then my husband (the insurance agent) informs me that we have FREE towing and that I need to cancel my tow. So I have to call and cancel that while Josh arranges for the free tow to who-knows-what repair shop. Then another police officer comes, and asks what the problem is and wants to know if we have gas in the car. Of course I have gas! (Evidently they have to ask this… I wonder if you get a citation for running out of gas and leaving your car on the shoulder?) So he calls ANOTHER policeman to come help him push the car up into the Wag-a-Bag drive (which isn’t a very low grade drive… they were musclemen!).

Anyhow, the tow is going to be 1 hour so we run over to Gigi and Papa’s house to figure out a plan while I try to get a hold of my friend Elizabeth who typically rescues me in these types of situations. I get her voicemail twice, so I call her hubby who tells me they are at swim lessons. DANG IT! Of all the days! We decide that Josh will take me to the animal shelter to pick up Daisy, and then will take Mickey and I home (the shelter is right down the street from our house). Unfortunately, when we call the shelter en route, we are informed that it will take half and hour to finish the paperwork and get Daisy micro-chipped. ARGH.

So I told Josh to just drop me and Mickey off at the shelter with the carseats and other necessary paraphernalia and I’ll get someone to come pick me up. As we walk into the shelter, the tow truck guy calls and says he is on his way and should be there in 15 minutes. Josh scoots out the door and Mickey heads over to visit the stray kittens. I get the paperwork, fill out like seriously… TWO THINGS and they bring me Daisy who they have already micro-chipped. It took 5 seconds and I’m stranded at the shelter. ARGH!!!

Mickey and I head outside to hang-out in the shade with Daisy. I call Elizabeth a couple more times, no dice. Then I try my friend and neighbor and preschool teacher Melissa. Straight to voicemail. It’s just after 11 a.m. and I’m supposed to pick Carebear up at VBS at 11:30. This is NOT looking good!

I try Melissa again and she answers!!! Woohoo! She is just a few minutes away and says “No problem!” to picking up me, my daughter, dog, and paraphernalia. Yay! We dropped Daisy off at the house and Melissa ALSO took me to get Carebear. What a lifesaver!

Anyhow, that’s my day…. so far. 😉

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