We Found a Puppy!

For Father’s Day this weekend, Josh decided he would like to go bumper-bowling with the girls. Since there has never before been a bowling alley in Gtown (and now there is!) and the girls have never bowled, we went and did that this morning. We also went out to lunch at Monument Cafe (YUM) where Mickey successfully forecasted a bowel movement and MADE IT to the potty in time! 🙂

Anyhow, after that we went and visited the two animal shelters in Gtown. The first one only had a few dogs and none that were quite what we had in mind, so we made our way to the other one on Inner Loop. There we found the most adorable 18 month old lab mix! We took her out for a walk and a romp on the grass and she really responded well to Josh and I as well as to the girls. She never jumped on them, and was very sweet once she calmed down. (It’s majorly exciting to get out of your cage when you’ve been at the shelter for over a month. Poor thing. She went crazy!) We wanted to bring her home today, but it turns out she hasn’t been spayed yet, so they are going to do that on Monday and we can pick her up and bring her home on Tuesday. The girls are VERY excited, and I think it’s going to be a great fit for us.

We need some good suggestions for names. We’ve never named a girl dog, and her name is currently “Debbie Harry”. Huh? I know a crazy out in Hutto named “Debbie” so that just won’t work. 🙂 Any suggestions?

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