Discussions Amongst Preschoolers

Here’s the breakfast table discussion this morning.

Carebear: Mommy, you forgot our vitamins!
Mommy: I’m getting them

Mommy Distributes chewable H-E-Buddy vitamins.

Mickey: That’s not your vitamin.
Carebear: Yes it is!
Mickey: No it’s not. It’s mine.
Carebear: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mickey: Carnie, look at me.
Carebear : (boohoo)
Mickey: Carnie, look at me.
Mommy: Carebear, Mickey is trying to tell you something.
Mickey: Carnie, don’t scream at me. Ever again.

The best part is the VERY serious look on Mickey’s face as she says this, and how upset Carebear gets whenever Mickey starts an argument with her. She always goes ballistic over the littlest things, and Mickey starts these squabbles for no reason other than to bother her sister.

Ah, and update as I’m writing! Here’s what’s going on at the couch right now:

Mickey: Carnie pushed me.
Carebear: I did not.
Mickey: I’m talking to Mommy!
Carebear: Don’t hit me!

Re-focus on Sesame Street. Temporary peace ensues.

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