Potty Prowess

Okay, so Mickey has been dry all night quite a few times in the past, but I’ve still been putting her in Pull-Ups for nighttime… just in case. Last night, I did not have a Pull-Up handy, so as she went potty I posed the question: “Do you want to wear your panties all night long like a big girl? Can you stay dry all night long in your panties?”

She got the MOST excited look on her little cherubic face and said “Yes!” (At which point, Josh, who was observing this, said: “If she wets the bed, I am NOT getting up!” Kind of reminded me of the time we were at Rachel’s wedding and the girls were at my brother’s house and Josh bet AGAINST Mickey that she would have had an accident while we were gone. He lost of course… I think he still owes me $1. He just does not understand her amazing potty prowess!)

Well, it’s morning, and she’s dry! Carebear and I told her how excited and proud we were and then scooted her straight off to the potty to make sure we didn’t have an accident on our way to make breakfast. 🙂 That’s my girl!

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