Momo died yesterday

Our sweet Mo-boy passed away yesterday. We’re not exactly sure what the cause was, but it was probably heat-related. The girls had the chance to tell him good-bye and pet him one last time before Josh and our friend Justin took care of burying him in the backyard. His grave is marked with a stone, and the girls have gone to visit him twice this morning.

Mo’s proper name was Mozart, but we only called him that for a short while until it got shortened to Mo, Momo, Mo-boy, Momo Baggins, and various other nicknames. Josh likes to sing church songs and Christmas songs substituting the word “Momo” or “Mo” in appropriate/inappropriate places. 🙂 We adopted Momo from a Corgi breeder out near Fredericksburg. I remember the day we went to go get him in December 2002. Josh told me we were going shopping in Fredericksburg. On the way, he made a couple of phone calls to some lady he said he needed to pick up or drop off some real estate stuff to (he was a Realtor at the time). He couldn’t reach her and he seemed to be getting irate, so I said maybe he could just meet her at her office the next week. That’s when he told me that it wasn’t really a real estate thing, but that we were going to look at Corgi puppies! We had been looking into getting a dog and he had set it up to go get one that day as our first anniversary gift.

When we saw them, I wanted to adopt them all! Corgis are just so cute. Mo was such a good little puppy, adorable and playful. He used to race up and down the stairs in our apartment (once he figured out how to navigate them). One time, he went out on the porch of our apartment, squeezed through the rails, and was walking on the roof and I managed to save him from certain death. Another time I rescued him from running in front of a car. As he got older, he was less inclined to such death-defying antics. 🙂 He had this way of cocking his head to one side when you were talking to him… so cute.

On Saturday, Momo was in his pen during Carebear’s birthday party and he SOOO wanted to get out and play with all the kids. He loved children and all people, but he was such a friendly and jumpy dog that he had to be put up when people came over because he would just get so excited and start jumping all over the place. So he watched all the fun from his pen and sweetly licked any child who would put their hand in to pet him.

We loved him and we miss him very much.

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