Daisy the Dog

Thanks for the great princess suggestions, Sarah and Melissa! While Princess Buttercup and Giselle are wonderful names, the girls settled on "Daisy" for our sweet girl. We went to visit her this afternoon for a little playtime, tomorrow is her surgery, and then we are picking her up after VBS on Tuesday. The girls can't … Continue reading Daisy the Dog

We Found a Puppy!

For Father's Day this weekend, Josh decided he would like to go bumper-bowling with the girls. Since there has never before been a bowling alley in Gtown (and now there is!) and the girls have never bowled, we went and did that this morning. We also went out to lunch at Monument Cafe (YUM) where … Continue reading We Found a Puppy!

Discussions Amongst Preschoolers

Here's the breakfast table discussion this morning.Carebear: Mommy, you forgot our vitamins!Mommy: I'm getting themMommy Distributes chewable H-E-Buddy vitamins.Mickey: That's not your vitamin.Carebear: Yes it is!Mickey: No it's not. It's mine.Carebear: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mickey: Carnie, look at me.Carebear : (boohoo)Mickey: Carnie, look at me.Mommy: Carebear, Mickey is trying to tell you something.Mickey: Carnie, don't scream at me. … Continue reading Discussions Amongst Preschoolers

Potty Prowess

Okay, so Mickey has been dry all night quite a few times in the past, but I've still been putting her in Pull-Ups for nighttime... just in case. Last night, I did not have a Pull-Up handy, so as she went potty I posed the question: "Do you want to wear your panties all night … Continue reading Potty Prowess


So Carebear and Mickey had a really funny conversation the morning of her birthday that I wanted to post about, but with what happened with Mo later that day, I didn't think about it again until now.Our bedroom is HUGE and it's set up in such a way that part of it is basically another … Continue reading Indignation