Oh how we love camping!

Okay, so this year we decide to brave camping with our church group. We’ve gone twice before: once the weekend that we found out we were pregnant with Carebear (we went to Kerrville), and again when Carebear was 9 months old (that was to Enchanted Rock). So, this was ours and Carebear’s third time out, but Mickey’s first. When we went and Carebear was 9 months old, it was just kind of hard. For one thing, she wasn’t walking or crawling (she was a cruiser only at that point). For another, a crazy cold front came through and we were completely unprepared. Josh was sure that our tent was going to leak so we ended up making a dash to the car and waiting out the rain until I convinced him that it wasn’t leaking and we needed to go back because it was so stinking cold and uncomfortable in the car (I was the one holding sleeping Carebear). Since then, we have not been brave enough to go again.

We thought this year would be a good time to try again. Carebear is turning 4 (next week!) and Mickey is 2. They think sleeping bags and tents are way awesome (huge plus when camping!), so we called up Nicole and borrowed their family tent and two sleeping bags (thanks, guys!). We added to that the girls’ sleeping bags, and a bag of clothes, ice chest, swim suits, etc., and headed off for Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX, on Friday afternoon.

Let me just say, while this was not what some may call “real” camping, it was great camping for me! The natural spring feeds a lovely (concrete) pool that is just like a real swimming pool except that it’s stinking cold. It’s the perfect place to cool off after 5 seconds of sweating in the Texas heat. They have a really nice (although very sweltering) bath house, and if you are a more natural type of person, you can go down the the swimming hole and swing off a rock with a rope swing or dabble your toes in the streams. Oh, and there’s also a butterfly garden and a couple of trails. We saw people fishing as well.

The girls thought it was FANTASTIC. Carebear really loved the pool, and after a couple of trips, Mickey was into it too. I think having that cold pool right down the hill was the absolute best part of the whole trip. We swam on Friday, after breakfast on Saturday, after lunch, before dinner, and after dinner, and then again after breakfast on Sunday. Woohoo!

Now, the injury list:
– MULTIPLE bug bites. Poor little Mickey got several fire ant bites on her toes. 😦
– One wasp/hornet/dirt dobber (who knows?!?!) sting behind my ear as I attempted entry to the bath house on Saturday afternoon.
– Mickey fell out of or was hit by camp chairs at least 3 or 4 times (the wind was crazy on Friday night, and the the other times she was actually IN the chair in question, and just couldn’t balance herself right). I quit counting.
– One lovely goose egg PLUS blood on the back of Mickey’s head after she took a tumble backwards from Hailey’s camp chair.

So, besides the bug bites, it would seem that Carebear and Josh got off scot-free. Stinkers.

I think we will definitely go on the fall camping trip provided it is planned far enough in advance that I can mark my calendar for a weekend free of Cooking Shows. I think s’mores are more fun when it’s at least under 70 degrees, don’t you? 🙂

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