Attack of the Killer Pooh Bear

Yesterday morning was great. After being up late on Saturday night in order to attend a (3-hour!!!!) graduation ceremony at UT for my sister-in-law, my hubby let me sleep until 9:30 while he fed the girls and played with them and made them leave me alone. Hooray! When I came downstairs, I made my coffee and toast, enjoyed my toast at the table, and then played blocks iwth the girls while I finished my coffee. Somethingorother brought me into the kitchen with Michaela close at my heels. As I stood at the bar doing something that I can’t even remember, it happened: Mickey dropped her mechanical walking and talking Winnie the Pooh toy ON MY TOE. A loud yell and an expletive shot forth, and I was sobbing on the floor while digging in the freezer for an icepack as my husband continued to sit on the couch. He thinks I’m a drama queen. When he realized I was really crying (and just milliseconds before I started to scream at him to come in the kitchen and act like he cared) he came to the kitchen to see what was going on. Poor Mickey was standing there with a look of “what the heck just happened?” on her little face.

I got my icepack and towel and collapsed on the mat in front of the kitchen sink, still crying. DANG. It hurt REALLY REALLY BAD. So Josh wants to know what toe is affected, so I take the ice pack off to reveal… actual blood. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, Pooh broke my toenail on my second toe and there was blood involved. I think that’s when Josh realized I wasn’t being a drama queen and was actual in real physical pain. So I go to sit on the couch with him and Mickey, my sweet lovey girl, comes to give me hugs and kisses and say she’s sorry for dropping Pooh on my foot. Carebear yells from the other room where she is busy building a castle for her Polly Pocket princesses “Do you have a boo-boo, Mommy?” to which I reply “Yes, I do, come give me kisses.” And what does my darling child say? “I can’t right now, I’m busy!” Little toot.

Anyhow, we can’t decide it I broke the toe or not. I can’t bend it, it’s purple and blue, and the toenail is split, so at the very least, I know I’m going to lose my toe nail at some point over the next couple of weeks. Lovely. Just the look I want to be sporting in my flip flops.

3 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Pooh Bear

  1. Myra says:

    Yikes not fun. I’ve broken 3 toes at different times and it stinks. There’s basically nothing to do for it but just tape them together. Hope it’s better soon. Maybe you can find a fun band aid to cover the split toe nail. Maybe a Tigger or Pooh one. Ha! :O)


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