Today is my Birthday!

Kudos to my “little” brother Trevor for remembering and calling me first thing this a.m., even though I’m pretty sure he only remembered because I made mention of it late last week when we were discussing weekend plans. 😉

Today is my birthday. At 11:29 a.m., I will officially be 26 years old. Thus begins the end of my “mid-twenties”. This time next year, I’ll be anticipating the arrival of my “late twenties”. Then before I know it the big 3-0 will be here. WHOA!

For my birthday, I got a child-free weekend. On Friday night, Josh and I dropped the girls off at Gigi and Papa’s house then ran up to church where Josh was leading worship for the Celebrate Recovery ministry. Then we headed down to the UT Campus to bowl at the Student Union Underground with our Pampered Chef friends. Josh and I had a bet that if I beat him on our second game that he would clean the whole house on Saturday. If he won, I would “clean his car”. Ha. Anyhow, he beat me, 143 to my 140. We both got two strikes in a row… it was neck and neck the whole time. Needless to say, my house is a wreck this morning. 😦

On Saturday, I rolled out of bed at 8 a.m., then went and visited my friend Emily and her husband John in the ICU at Seton Williamson, then made an appearance at a bridal shower for our minister’s daughter. I was supposed to go clean Jeshanna’s house as part of my property manager duties for the house they lease in Round Rock, but it turned out that the family was leaving on SUNDAY not Saturday like Jeshanna had told me. So I headed to the outlet mall! On the way, I changed out of my “shower clothes” into my “shopping clothes”. Yes, I changed my shirt while driving. 🙂 Don’t worry, I waited to attempt the pants-changing maneuver until I was safely parked at the outlet mall. I spent Josh’s Christmas GAP gift card on some slacks, a top, a dress ($9.99 on clearance!), and a polo for Josh so he wouldn’t be quite as upset that I spend HIS gift card. 🙂

After that, I came home and did laundry for awhile, then headed to SHE, etc., in Georgetown for a facial and a massage. HEAVEN! (It’s been nearly six years since I went to a spa.)

Josh and I had dinner at Chantal’s Bistro in Georgetown. It was delicious, and they gave us a free bottle of wine because we had made reservations there for our anniversary in December and the restaurant canceled them because the owner had a family emergency. So, fabulous dinner with dessert AND wine for less than $100… WOOHOO!

Then we did something that we very rarely do, and that was go out and see a movie. City Lights Theatre had sent me a free ticket for my birthday, so we only had to pay for Josh and my Milk Duds ($8.75 and $3 respectively… yeesh!). We saw Leatherheads, which was cute and funny, but I still don’t get why people like Renee Zellweger so much.

Last part of my childfree weekend… sleeping until I got up on Sunday. I slept until 10! Yay! Then I just got up, made my coffee, watched some t.v. then got dressed and headed over to Gigi and Papa’s for lunch and cake for my birthday. I rounded it all out with a baby shower (all the way in Lakeway, but for a good friend, I can travel).

Great weekend. Happy birthday to me. 🙂

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