Petticoat Fair!

(Warning… there might be more info about me in this post than you really want to read. Ha!)

Alright, so last week Sarah announced an impromptu trip to Petticoat Fair in Austin for a proper bra fitting and bra buying experience. I was TOTALLY bummed because Josh and I had already made plans for the girls (Carebear painting with me, Mickey calling the police with the panic button from Josh’s office… see prior post if that sounds interesting to you!).

BUT, it turned out she couldn’t go last week so she rescheduled for this past Saturday. Again, I was totally bummed because I had a Pampered Chef Cooking Show scheduled as is often the case on a Saturday morning. However, on Thursday evening I called my Saturday a.m. host and found out that they’d just gotten their house under contract that day and had to be out in two weeks and she was completely freaking out and packing and wanted to reschedule for May. Boo hoo, no show. Hurray! I get to go to Petticoat Fair with my girlfriends! 🙂

As is the case with LOTS of women, I’ve never been properly fitted for a bra. As a result, I figure that while I’m currently wearing a 32A, I should probably be wearing something more like a 32AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, if such a thing exists. In fact, the bra that I wear every single day is the very bra that I purchased to wear with my wedding dress (a convertible strapless… it has served me well [at least I thought it had] for the past 6 years). It became my go-to bra once my bras bought pre-children ended up being WAAAAAY too big for me post-Mickey. Hooray for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Really. It’s done WONDERS for my physique.

At any rate, I rode with Sarah and we met up with Nicole at the store. When I went in, I was really impressed with what a nice store it is! The last time I darkened the door of Petticoat Fair, I was a junior in high school and I was purchasing a petticoat to go with my first prom dress. (So if anyone ever needs to borrow a petticoat and you’re about my size, I can hook you up.) We signed in, I took a quick potty break, and then it was off to the dressing rooms with my own personal assistant, Sara. She measured me and then ran off to find some bras. I almost laughed out loud when the first one she handed me was a 32B. Yep, that’s right, a B. What the heck? I’m like “woman, you don’t understand, I’m the most flat-chested post-adolescent you’ve probably ever met!”

I humor her and try it on. And she tells me it’s a good fit and she goes to get more! Wow. Really? A “B”? Really? Hey, I’m feeling pretty good about all this! I’m almost jumping for joy that I will be able to go home and tell my husband that I wear a “B” cup! Not that he will have a clue what that means… Men.

I tried on LOTS of bras. I even tried on some fun ones with matching panties! I of course ended up going for two very practical ones, as is my nature. I put on my old bra to leave, and was VERY aware of how ill-fitting it is. That one’s going in the back of the drawer… I can’t actually throw it away since I wore it in my wedding. Maybe I’ll just safety pin it to my wedding dress.

We had a great time shopping and getting lunch afterwards. What fun to be out shopping with friends! I can’t remember the last time I did anything like that, and I’m glad that it was with Nicole and Sarah. Especially when Nicole saw me the next day at church sporting my new strapless bra and whispered, “Your boobs look great!” Aw. Warm fuzzies all over. 🙂

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