Mickey Sounds The Alarm

Yesterday, Josh took Mickey up to the office with him for a couple of hours to get some work done. Carebear is usually the one he takes with him if he takes either of him, so he decided it was Mickey’s turn. She was SOOO excited! I loaded him up with pull-ups, wipes, crayons, coloring books, and Veggie Booty and off they went. While they were gone, Carebear and I painted the girls’ coloring table and chairs and Carebear decorated a Melissa and Doug picture frame that she had gotten from Gigi and Papa for Mickey’s birthday.

Mickey called home on the speaker phone midway through the morning and all was well. Josh even said that she was easier to have at the office than Carebear (Mickey plays well alone. Carebear… not so much).

However, when Josh and Mickey went to leave the office, they were met with armed police officer (yes, guns were drawn). Evidently our little sweetheart found a cool button under the receptionist’s desk. A button that is a silent panic button. Which called the police. Who of course assumed someone was in grave danger and rushed to the rescue. OOPS. (Why the heck does an insurance office have a panic button? There’s no money at an insurance office!!!)

Luckily no one was arrested. But it reminded me of the time I was at a retreat and Carebear was a little over a year old and actually managed to call the police on our home phone, and Josh didn’t even know what was going on until a policeman had actually sneaked into our house to investigate. I guess it’s hard to hear a 9-1-1 callback or a policeman in your house when you’re doing bathtime. 🙂

I’d just like to point out that there’s never been any encounters with law enforcement while I was on duty. Unless you count the time that Carebear and I were headed to bible study (when I was pregnant with Mickey) and I got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign in a school zone (warning) and then on our way home I got pulled over AGAIN for having a tail-light out (warning). Well, I guess we’re even then. Josh -2, Me – 2. At least no guns were involved in my case. 🙂

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