100 Things About Me

I’ve seen posts of “100 Things About Me” on several blogs that I’ve visited, so I thought I would try it out. And since my busy busy 2-year-old is sick and she actually conked out on the couch during “Big Big World” and I’ve managed to vacuum AND mop, I feel I’m entitled to a few minutes of quiet time while the floor dries. 🙂

1. My name is spelled with one “L” and one “Y”.
2. No, I did not choose it (duh)
3. Yes, I do have to spell it for everyone.
4. I managed to marry someone with an odd last name, so I have to spell that for everyone too.
5. Everyone in my immediate family has first names with three syllables.
6. After having Carebear, I hoped to name my second child with three syllables followed by four, but four syllable names are harder to come across than I would have thought.
7. My birthday is in about 3 weeks.
8. I was born at St. David’s Hospital in Austin.
9. That is also where my two girls were born.
10. My husband is 6 years older than me.
11. I got married when I was 19.
12. I had my first child when I was 22.
13. I’m done having kids!!!
14. Even though it would be physically feasible for me to turn out a couple or few more prior to my 30th birthday.
15. My husband has the baby bug.
16. I told him to get over it.
17. My favorite show to watch on TV is Law and Order: SVU.
18. Josh doesn’t like it when it has anything to do with children getting hurt.
19. I don’t like that part either, but sometimes you have to watch a show that gets at you emotionally and makes you really appreciate your family.
20. When I met Josh, he was dating my sister.
21. She sucks.
22. My daughter Mickey who just turned two calls my daughter “Carnie”.
23. Mickey actually CAN say her sister’s given name but chooses not too.
24. We nicknamed our first “Carebear”.
25. I nicknamed our second “Mickey”.
26. My husband spells it “Mikki”.
27. I have no idea why.
28. When we were deciding what to name Mickey, we argued a lot about how to spell it.
29. I won. 🙂
30. I don’t like it when people spell their children’s names “uniquely”.
31. I also don’t like “made-up” names.
32. Names should mean something.
33. My name means “Honest messenger”.
34. Carebear’s name means “Beautiful woman, consecrated to God”
35. Mickey’s name means “Who is like God? Pure”
36. I don’t know what Joshua Warren means.
37. Maybe I should look that up…
38. My husband is a conservative republican.
39. I know nothing about politics.
40. I voted once, for George Bush in the 2000 election.
41. I voted in a mock election when I was in 5th grade.
42. I voted for Bill Clinton.
43. I did it because my dad said that was the man to vote for.
44. I do not like gold.
45. It bothers me that my shower and all the doorknobs and light fixtures in my house are gold-colored.
46. My engagement ring is platinum.
47. My wedding band is white gold.
48. You can tell the difference if you look closely.
49. I think gold jewelry makes my hands look old.
50. I feel the same way about colored nail polish.
51. I did not get my ears pierced until I was pregnant with Mickey.
52. I only did it then because Josh bought my diamond earrings.
53. I didn’t get my ears pierced growing up because my mom and sister didn’t have theirs done, and my dad didn’t want us to.
54. He felt the same way about nail polish.
55. I weigh 13 pounds more now than I did before I had my children.
56. On Monday, I went grocery shopping and wasted $1.39 on Little Debbie Nutty Bars.
57. Today is Wednesday, and they were all gone by yesterday afternoon.
58. I only shared one bar.
59. Last year I had a member ship at the rec center in Georgetown.
60. I didn’t renew this year because I’m lazy and I don’t like dragging my butt somewhere to sweat.
61. Sometimes Carebear will ask me why we don’t go to the gym anymore and I tell her that I’m a loser and I’m lazy.
62. I like beer.
63. The first time I had beer it was a Dos Equis that somebody I worked with made me try after work one day.
64. I thought it was gross.
65. The next time I had beer it was at Wade and Gina Pinkston’s house when we were playing Texas Hold’Em and I beat Wade even though I had no idea what I was doing.
66. While I was pregnant with Mickey, I craved beer.
67. Now I like it.
68. Right now, I have Shiner Bock and one leftover Dos Equis in my fridge.
69. I can’t stand wine unless it’s like $16.95 a glass at a good restaurant and recommended by the chef.
70. Needless to say, I don’t drink wine except on our anniversary pretty much.
71. I do like most champagne.
72. My parents would probably say I’m going to hell if they knew that I drink alcohol.
73. I don’t give a rip what they think.
74. My husband doesn’t drink except on occasion.
75. I think he had a bad experience in college related to some kind of fraternity hazing ritual.
76. Growing up, I lived in Round Rock, TX; somewhere in New York, somewhere in Connecticut, Niwot, Colorado; Argyle, TX; Holly Springs, NC; and Round Rock, TX.
77. I now live in Georgetown.
78. Before moving to Round Rock the summer after my sophomore year in High School, I had never lived anywhere more than 4 years.
79. I have now lived in Texas almost 10 years.
80. We have lived in our house in Georgetown for 2.5 years, and plan to stay here until we pay off the mortgage (about 9 years).
81. I don’t ever want to put my kids through moving and changing schools.
82. I wouldn’t mind staying in this house forever if I just have money to do some upgrades every now and then.
83. We were supposed to go on a free trip (earned with Pampered Chef) on April 6th.
84. We would have been going to London for a week.
85. Josh was really resistant to leaving the girls and crossing the pond for that long.
86. So we took the $2500 visa gift card instead.
87. As a result, we have a playscape, all of my carpets have been cleaned, my air ducts have been cleaned, Josh’s car has new tires, my car has new tires, our oven has been fixed, our roof has been fixed, I bought some things for the house that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have, and I only have $72.86 left to spend.
88. Since I was so practical in my spending, I think I will spend the rest of it on myself.
89. Maybe I will get a massage.
88. The last time I had a massage was when Josh sent me to the spa for our 1st anniversary.
89. My husband has a wonderful singing voice.
90. He used to sing and play guitar for me when we were dating.
91. He also used to write me songs.
92. Now he just sings at church.
93. I can’t sing.
94. But I sing all the time in the car.
95. If the girls don’t insist on listening to anything in particular, I like to listen to KLOVE and The River.
96. Carebear sings with me.
97. I have two of the most beautiful and sweet daughters in the world.
98. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am.
99. I only have one more thing to go, and it has to be good.
100. If I had it to do all over again, I would marry Josh (but we would elope!).

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