Carebear’s Getting Married :)

My sweet girl Carebear is dead-set on marrying her friend Will. It’s a frequent subject of conversation at our house, and typically the wedding date is the coming Sunday. 🙂 Here’s an interesting conversation we had at the dinner table last night.

Me: Hey, I got an invite to Rachel’s wedding shower.

Carebear: Do you mean a BABY shower?

Me: No, it’s a bridal shower. Rachel is getting married and we’re going to have a party and give her presents.

Carebear: Oh! When I marry Will, I will get lots of presents.

Me: Yep, and when you have babies you’ll get presents too, at a baby shower.

Josh: You know, Carebear, when you get married, that means you have to kiss Will.

(Carebear contemplates momentarily.)

Carebear: When I’m grown up, I will have fun with that.


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