And the cleaned carpet is christened.

Evidently barring shoes does not one’s floors protect.

On Friday, my friend Elizabeth stopped by with her two kids (same ages as mine). Her almost-two-year-old is potty training/trained. She wears big girl panties. They come in, I show Elizabeth my gorgeous carpets, she is surveying the progress of the playscape in the backyard, and then somehow our attention is brought to little Emily in the front room. I am immediately alarmed when I see that she is standing with the posture of one who has something icky in her pants and my eye immediately go to the floor. Yep. She’s peed on the floor.

Josh later proclaimed that they are no longer welcome at our house. 🙂

Then on Saturday, I hosted a “Kelly’s Kids” fashion show for my friend Kristi Billingsley who is a new rep for the clothing line. She had to bring all three of her kids including 7 month old Caden because her husband was out of town. No biggie. But then my mother-in-law was holding Caden and he spit up… inches from the rug and right onto my clean carpet. I clean it up, silently cursing myself for hosting this shindig. Ten minutes later, it happens again, also while my mother-in-law is doing the holding, and I just thank God that he’s breastfed and has not recently eaten any sweet potatoes.

Ah. The wonderfully clean carpet. It was great for the approximately 24 hours that it lasted.

2 thoughts on “And the cleaned carpet is christened.

  1. Amy says:

    That Caden. He only looks sweet, but don’t let that fool you. I saw him eye balling me in my dry clean only shirt Sunday morning. He didn’t fool me. I walked a wide arch around his flirty lashes.(Just in case his Mama sees this: I’m only teasing. He’s an angel and I would pack him up and run if I didn’t think Rob would catch me in two steps.)


  2. Alyson says:

    The funniest part was that Kristi says Caden is NOT typically a spit-uppy baby. It’s like he saw my newly cleaned floor and said “Ah-ha! Now’s the time!” He was absolutely adorable the entire time, even when he was spitting up on my floor. 🙂


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