Clean carpets AND air ducts AND dog!

So, yesterday was a big day at our house! Kiwi Services came out and cleaned all my air ducts and ALL my carpets… upstairs and down! It cost an arm and a leg, but my Pampered Chef VISA gift card paid for it (just like it paid for tires, playscape, fixing my oven, and will soon pay for fixing my roof) and it’s been two years since the carpets were cleaned and NEVER since the air ducts were cleaned, and I feel good about it.

Of course, yesterday was a nasty day for carpet cleaning, it was so cold and rainy and blustery. But I had made plans to take Mo-boy to the groomer for a nice bath. So, he was out of the way, the girls were at school, and I even took them to get haircuts from my friend Lori who lives up the street just to keep us out of the house while the much-tatooed and muscled man finished up at the house.

So, if you come to my house any time soon, I’m probably going to make you take your shoes off. And we’ve instituted a very strict “no sippy cups or food on the carpet!” rule. 🙂

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