How to… create controversy in 1 simple step

Step 1: Forward information about a Christan marriage conference to your Pampered Chef team.

That’s it, one step. Simple, huh?

When I was a fairly new director, I had just about 10 people total on my team… I knew just about everything about every single one of them, and they were all Christians. Times change, my team has grown, and now I don’t know all of them that well, but at the same time I thought it wouldn’t hurt to forward information onto my entire team (via our team yahoo group e-mail) about Family Life’s Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference that will be in Austin May 2-4. Part of this is that I’m a group coordinator, but also I think this is going to be an amazing, marriage-changing weekend and I want to tell everybody about it.

So, my feeling about unwanted e-mails is that you just ignore them and hit “delete”. I expect that most people feel the same way.

Someone on my team of the homosexual persuasion doesn’t feel that way. Here’s what he said about it (to the whole team!):

The website contains a lot of homophobic crap. I don’t want to be included in emails about “christian” events that would only include me and anyone that I know only if I had to pretend I was someone I’m not ie- a ‘good’ gay who humbly acts like my life is a sin so that I can be ‘accepted’.

One of my friends from church who his also on my Pampered Chef team was really upset, and e-mailed back (to the whole team!). And then someone else tried to diffuse the situation… it was a whole big thing. I don’t understand why the e-mail wasn’t just deleted. I mean, he had to click on the web link and then LOOK for material that said the bible doesn’t allow for homosexual relationships, sex before marriage, etc., etc.

I’ve learned my lesson: no non-Pampered Chef e-mails to my entire team, especially if they have to do with Christianity. Right?

(By the way, if you want to find out more about this conference, go to If you want to register and save $80 per couple, use my group code by April 14th: 13746.)

5 thoughts on “How to… create controversy in 1 simple step

  1. Amy says:

    I was just telling Eric that we should watch out for you. You’re one of those “fire starter” types. Always startin’ stuff. I forgot to tell you that I was really offended by your last e-mail. You didn’t indent the first paragraph and, frankly, I was lost.


  2. Sarah says:

    It’s so frustrating when that sort of thing happens. Perhaps you could apologize to the original person and explain you didn’t mean to offend? I am often apologizing…


  3. Amy says:

    “I’m sorry for being a heterosexual Christian who values marriage and Biblical morality.”The Bible is offensive to a lot of people. Jesus was offensive to a lot of people. He didn’t just preach love. He also preached sin.WWJD(He wouldn’t apologize)


  4. Nicole says:

    I too am often apologizing. You could email and just say you didn’t mean to offend. I do think Jesus did preach about love AND sin, but if you are trying to win hearts for the Lord you might want to love first and preach second. If you have a relationship with the person and they view you as a loving person they are much more likely to listen to you and see the love of Christ. They probably already know their actions are not biblical. They need love, not acceptance of their lifestyle, but love. See now I am probably offending Amy…hope not…just MHO.


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