I really WANT to be in a good mood…

… but I’m just NOT. 😦 I wish I had a magic pill, or maybe a beer would work. Ha! 🙂 We have a pretty pat routine for Mondays… I veg in bed a little longer than normal simply because I don’t have to get the girls anywhere by a certain time. When I finally drag myself out of bed, I fix the girls’ breakfast, check e-mail, work on my grocery list, etc. We do errands and our weekly HEB run and typically buy a package of Stouffer’s Mac ‘n Cheese to share for lunch, and I cook it in the microwave as I’m getting groceries brought in and put away. We take a nap after lunch, play, have fun. Today was a little different.

I’m a “property manager” for my friend Jeshanna who has a nice house for rent out in Forest Creek (Round Rock). Today was a check-out day (my first, because the same family has been there for over 6 months), and I planned to run by Josh’s office (which is on the way) to make a couple of copies to get some moola for some unclaimed property I found on the comptroller’s website, then head over, take inventory, check them out, clean, and be done in time to get groceries before lunch. I packed lunches for the girls… just in case.

When I got a hold of the tenant, it turns out she’s not planning to get out there until about 10:30. I tell her that’s cool, I’ll just take the girls to the park and wait for her call. The park in Forest Creek is pretty cool, so I know the girls will like to go play there for a bit. We get over there right after 10 a.m., and start playing. At 10:20, I get a call from the tenant and she’s in LAKEWAY. She promises to be at the house in 20 minutes. Ha. Ha. Ha. From Lakeway to East Round Rock in 20 minutes? That’s hysterical. But I don’t tell her so, I just say, okay, see you when you get here, knowing full well it will be at least 45 minutes.

She finally gets there and she has all THREE of her preschoolers with her. I settle the girls with a movie and goldfish, and get to work, but it just took forever, she wasn’t done with everything she needed to get done… long story short, it got to be almost 2 p.m. and I had to leave because the girls were getting tired and I just couldn’t take the mayhem anymore (my kids were being really good, but two of the kids were boys… like 5 and 3 and were very rough… and the other was a girl around 2 years old who REALLY needed a nap). I’ll be going back on Wednesday morning with Michaela to finish and I think I can get the cleaning done in no time.

Now M is waking up from her nap, and we’ll be headed to HEB. I would call it a wasted morning/afternoon, except for the fact that I’m being PAID. 🙂

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