A Bad Note in My Day

I have to say, I usually have pretty good days. It helps to have a positive outlook and be a generally happy person. But, sometimes, something will come along and blindside you and lead to making what should have been a really fine day into a not so good day. At least for a few moments.

Background: I did a Pampered Chef Cooking Show on 2/7 for a friend of mine in my neighborhood. She also happens to be Caroline’s preschool teacher. A friend of hers from across the street stopped by towards the end for a just a few minutes and scheduled a Cooking Show with me. Woohoo! 🙂 Later that week, she reneged, saying she didn’t think she had time for a Cooking Show and would prefer a Catalog Show. I called her and left her a vmail saying I’d like to at least discuss it to find out why she thought a Catalog Show would be a better option for her. I then received an e-mail back from her that she was in Dallas for a business meeting for HER direct sales company (which I won’t name, but they do energy sales) and could we get together the next week to talk about Pampered Chef and also her company? Sure, I thought, why not? Maybe she can save me money on my bill.

So we got together yesterday morning at 10:30. I’m in my “at-home clothes”: shorts, t-shirt, ball cap, no earrings, no make-up. I’m just planning to run by for a few minutes and then get back to my home office. I get there and her SISTER is there, all dressed to the nines and I’m like, hmmmm. She’s got a computer out and a planner, and I’m thinking, “good thing I brought my utility bill!”. So we chat briefly and then she asks me some questions about Pampered Chef and decides to keep her original date and go with the Cooking Show. Then they start to tell me a bit about their direct sales energy company (evidently the sister is also a consultant), and it becomes apparents that they can’t even SELL in our neighborhood because we are in Georgetown city limits and we aren’t deregulated like 85% of Texas. Ah-ha. This meeting is not intended to save me money, they want to RECRUIT ME! So they ask if it’s something I’m interested in and I say I’m not, that as a Pampered Chef director, I can’t run another direct sales business (it’s in my director agreement with the company). Then they want to know if Josh would be interested, and I tell them that Liberty Mutual has the same type of rules: he sells insurance, and that’s it. We chatted a bit more, and seeing as how it was already 11 a.m., I told them I needed to run because I still had work to do. Very nice to meet you, see you soon!

After dinner, we decided that it would be fun to go get a concrete at Shake’s. I ran upstairs to grab my purse and see that I have an e-mail from somebody who I don’t recognize the name, subject: today. Hmmm. I open it up and find myself being completely lambasted by my neighbor’s sister for “wasting her time” and being one of those people who “give direct sales a bad name”. OMG. Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was SOOOOOOOOOOO upset… I started writing a reply because she didn’t include her phone number. Then I realized that wasn’t a good idea and deleted it and printed out the e-mail to show Josh. I told him I was going to call the neighbor and get her sister’s number (the e-mail said that the sister hadn’t said anything to my neighbor about how she felt) and call her and give her a piece of my mind, in a VERY nice, restrained, professional manner. Josh points out that really I should talk to my neighbor and ask her if she felt that same way, etc. So after the ice cream run, I called and left her a voicemail to tell her that I needed to ask her about something and could she please call me back asap. No word back yet. If you want to see the e-mail I received (which made me CRY), I can forward it to you.

It’s absolutely insane. My neighbor made absolutely no mention of trying to recruit me, no “I think you’d be so good at what I do” or “come check out this awesome business opportunity that I have for you”. If she had, I would have told her right away that I couldn’t. As it is, her sister has managed to burn ANY bridge that would have led me to refer people to them or their company at any point in the future. I think they’ve barely even started their business, and I’ve been in business for 4 years and I have thousands of contacts… anyhow, it made me really mad. I’m more over it today, but I still have to talk to my neighbor and clear the air. Input?

4 thoughts on “A Bad Note in My Day

  1. Amy says:

    You could just act like it was all your fault for misunderstanding.“I’m sorry, but when you invited me over to discuss your show I misunderstood that you intended to do a show of your own. Perhaps I missed something. I hope this won’t damage our friendly neighborhood. It would be a shame if I had to paper your house.”


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